Style styles of Russian literature of the XIX century

1. Romanticism . Romanticism is known to Russian literature since the Middle Ages. But the 19th century gave it absolutely different shades. He originated not in Russia, but in Germany, but gradually penetrated into the works of our writers. Russian literature of the 19th century is characterized by romantic moods. They found a reflection in Pushkin’s poems and can be traced in the very first works of Gogol.

2. Sentimentalism . Sentimentalism began to develop at the very beginning of the 19th century. He emphasizes sensuality. In the Russian literature of the 18th century, the first features of this trend were already traced. Karamzin managed to uncover it in all its manifestations. He inspired many authors, and they followed his principles.

3. Satirical prose . In the 19th century, satirical and journalistic works began to appear in Russian literature, especially in the works of Gogol. At the very beginning of his journey he tried to describe

his homeland. The main features of his works are the unacceptability of the absence of mind and parasitism. He affected all sectors of society – landlords, peasants, and officials. He tried to draw the readers’ attention to the poverty of the spiritual world of wealthy people.

1. Realistic novel . In the second half of the 19th century, Russian literature recognized the romantic ideals as completely untenable. The authors sought to show the real features of society. The best example is Dostoevsky’s prose. The author sharply reacted to the mood of people. Representing the prototypes of friends, Dostoevsky tried to address the most acute problems of society. It is at this time that the image of the “superfluous person” appears. There is a reassessment of values. The fate of the people does not mean anything. In the first place are representatives of society.

4. Folk poem . In Russian literature of the 19th century, folk poetry occupies a secondary place. But, despite this, Nekrasov does not miss the opportunity to create works that unite several genres: revolutionary,

peasant and heroic. His voice does not let you forget about the meaning of rhyme. The poem “Who is good in Russia?” is the best example of this life of that time.

In the late 19th century Chekhov was at the peak of popularity. At the very beginning of his work, critics repeatedly noticed that he was indifferent to acute social issues. But his masterpieces were very popular. He followed the principles of Pushkin. Every representative of Russian literature of the 19th century created a small artistic world. Their heroes wanted to achieve more, fought, experienced… Some wanted to be necessary and happy. Others set out to eradicate social insolvency. Others experienced their own tragedy. But each work is noteworthy in that it reflects the realities of the century.

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Style styles of Russian literature of the XIX century