Composition “Phraseologisms”

Today we will talk about our speech, or rather, about one emotional and sensual manifestation of it in communication and in conversations. These are amazing and unusual phrases. To be more precise, phraseological units. We will analyze what this is, give examples and even write a short essay with phraseological units (on any topic, we will choose it arbitrarily, along the way). By the way, this is quite a frequent task for students. When at school children learn these speech phrases, Russian language teachers ask them to write an essay or an essay with phraseology on any topic or definitely given. It is not difficult and very exciting to do this if you are drawn into it.

This is a certain speed of speech, which are fixed and fixedly fixed during use. The peculiarity of this, as a rule, invariable combination of words is the individual meaning of the whole expression. These expressions are not easy to translate into other languages, and it is impossible for foreigners to understand

them, if one does not know their meaning. Why?

Let’s look at the sentence: “He stood up in his tracks, opened his mouth, hung his ears and clapped his eyes, hatching like a ram on a new gate.” This sentence consists of several phraseological units. And now pay attention to the meaning of each individual word in this statement, it does not coincide with the meaning of a certain expression. This is the complexity, singularity and. bright emotional coloring of phraseology.

A good understanding and understanding of these turns will help practice: first we learn to find these expressions in the finished text (for example, to take any composition using phraseological units on any topic). Then the next training stage – independently we make separate offers with speech turns, expanding not only the vocabulary, but also getting acquainted with countless new expressions. Finally, try to connect several sentences in meaning and write a mini-essay with phraseology on any topic.

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Composition “Phraseologisms”