What is a word

Word. This combination of letters and sounds carries so much meaning in you! You ask, what is a word? In response, you can hear that everyone knows this. And if you think about it? Then you can talk a lot about the word.

Wikipedia defines the word. She calls it one of the main structural units of the language. They use the word in order to give the objects a name, characterize them, describe the qualities. For example, a tree, a wooden table. And for the names of concepts that are created by the human imagination. For example, love, soul. The word is the axiom of linguistics, its basis.

The word is a very complex concept to reveal its essence, linguists have worked hard. The word has its signs. Among them are graphic ones, that is, if one letter is changed in one word, then its entire meaning will change. Phonetic – the emphasis and sound of a word also carries its meaning. Syntactic means that one word can be a sentence and carry a certain meaning, or it can be a

component of a sentence and transmit some information. There are also other signs of the word, which are responsible for its meaning and meaning.

Also, words have their own classification in terms of meaning, use, origin, they have a grammatical and lexical meaning. To the words different terms are used: synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, paronyms and others.

So the word says about science. And what is the word in our life? It helps us to express our thoughts aloud, with the help of it we reproduce our speech, communication takes place between people. But even here it plays a very subtle role. After all, people say that you can wound a word and calm a person. The power of a word is sometimes very significant. They say that the word – not a sparrow, released – you will not return.

The word is also one of the genres of Old Russian eloquence. An example is the work “The Lay of Igor’s Host”. Researchers work a lot over it, but disputes about its origin continue to this day. Another example could be “The Word of the Destruction of the Russian Land.”

Russian is rich in vocabulary. Thanks to him, Russian speech is compared with a song, poets and writers have always admired it. And in this is the whole merit of His Majesty the Russian Word!

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What is a word