Composition Introduction

How to start an essay?

The writing has to be written to all schoolchildren, regardless of their bias toward the sciences. This kind of presentation of his thoughts is one of the necessary skills of a literate modern man. Therefore, each student is able to write an essay.

The composition, as a rule, consists of:


The main part (the disclosure of the topic),


To set the whole composition to the right tone, you need to know how to start the composition.

Depending on the given volume of the whole work, the entry should occupy 10-15% of the composition. It is necessary to bring the reader to the main idea and to talk about it, to speculate. It is the composition-reasoning that graduates are asked to write on the USE. Consider how to start the essay USE.

It should be done quickly, because the time of writing in this case is limited. Overcome the fear of work, focus and choose one of the ways to start writing.


to start writing

Brief information about the author of the work is the universal beginning of any work. Tell us where the author was born, give a brief description of his work.

You can begin the introduction by enumerating the words-synonyms of the basic concept that characterizes the theme of the work. For example: “The inner world of man, honesty and sincerity – these are the basic concepts, enclosed by Exupéry in all his stories, but in” The Little Prince “they found the most vivid embodiment of themselves.” Thus, you have already come to the topic of writing.

One of the strong ways, how you can start an essay, is to ask one or more rhetorical questions in it. So you can start talking about anything, on any topic. “What prevents a person from being honest with himself, when he starts to lie, tearing himself away from childhood dreams?” Such an introduction will suit many works.

Another option, how to start an essay-reasoning, is to state exactly your thoughts on a given topic. Remember the phrase: “I often thought about that…”

So start writing. Let’s return to the “Little Prince”. The beginning will be: “I often thought about when a child leaves childhood and begins to live with the concepts of adults? At what age? Why does he completely forget about how he talked about adult concepts?” Exupery on this topic wrote a story, where he answered all these questions, and my thoughts coincided with his thoughts. ” And then it’s very easy to go to the work. This is a very beautiful way to start writing. It corresponds to several requirements of essay-reflection USE. This is an expression of the pupil’s own opinion, the argument of the student, the student’s comments.

Templates of introductory phrases

If it is difficult for you to approach creatively the issue of entering the topic of the essay, you can learn a few template phrases. For example: “In the story Lermontov suggests thinking about the fact that there are a lot of superfluous people in society.” The author’s name and subject change to any other, but the beginning has already been laid! “In this little story, the author raised a very big problem…” – also substitute the author’s surname and subject. “There is an opinion that love passes quickly, but in Bunin’s works we see that this feeling is eternal” – then one can talk about both stories and the author.

Having set the mood for all the work in the introduction, you can already start writing the main part. More on this you can read here “How to write an essay correctly?”

With these tips, you will no longer be much worried and thinking about how to start writing an essay.

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Composition Introduction