Works in elementary school

The theme is the subject of the work. then, what is said in this text. It determines the selection of material, facts, phenomena, signs, which are reflected in the composition. The correctness and completeness of the composition depends on how the topic is formulated by the teacher, how the schoolchildren are brought to its understanding. The first in time and in importance step in the work of the teacher over writing is the choice of the topic, and when planning for a long period – the definition of the subject of works, stories.

The theme and title of the composition do not always coincide. For example, the children are offered the theme “First signs of spring”. Of course, the composition can be so entitled. But the teacher (in the third grade the children themselves) can also formulate the title “Welcome, spring!”, “The first news about the spring”, “Spring is coming”. Children love bright, accurate, imaginative titles.

After all, understanding the topic depends in part on how it is presented: dry or imaginative, strictly laconic or artistically. If in the work on writing the schoolchildren not only fulfill the task of the teacher but are guided by deeper and more serious motives – the desire to tell about something important for them, to share their feelings, then their creativity is better manifested: in such works there is undoubtedly an ideological content, inextricably linked, merged with the theme.

Superficial disclosure of the topic is one of the typical shortcomings of children’s stories and works. But not the only one. Not always children are able to find the boundaries of the topic. They write about everything that even remotely connects in their minds with the topic. In other words, the topic turns out to be inaccurately understood. In working on a story or writing, one can go from the accumulated material to a topic or from a designated topic through observations to the material for writing.

For the harmonious development of students, both methods are important. And in the first case, the teacher organizes

training, sometimes lengthy, teaches to observe, accumulate material, facts, ponder, compare them, generalize, draw conclusions. This is how the work on compositions on hikes, walks, description of what has been seen and lived goes on. In the second case, the students are offered a topic, a plan for preparing for its disclosure is planned, material is accumulated, the most important is selected, systematized, and then the children write the text. Work on several topics combines both ways. Thus, the first condition of a good composition is proper work on the topic, its understanding and disclosure.

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Works in elementary school