Composition on the theme “Noun”

Our language consists of a huge number of words that allow you to convey any thought. Since language is a kind of system, it strives for order. Therefore, all the words in it are divided into groups or parts of speech, each of which has a name.

One of the main parts of speech is the noun. It is of great importance, because it means practically all the names of objects, substances, phenomena, actions and processes, properties, names. For example, a thunderstorm, road, cat, Elena, cold – all these are nouns. Examples can be given endlessly, because a person is inclined to give names to everything.

Since all objects are divided into animate and inanimate (living and non-living), then the nouns, respectively, answer the question: “who?” or “what?”. Suppose, to the word “man” we apply the question “who?”, Because he is alive, which means – animate. And the noun “bus” answers the question “what”, because it is inanimate.

Also this part of speech changes depending on gender, case or number. As we see, it is very diverse and central in any proposal. It is not in vain that the study of the Russian language begins with nouns. All the questions that are given to the proposal, one way or another, are repelled from the object. Around him the meaning of the narrative is formed, and all other words are directly dependent on the noun. Sometimes the whole sentence can be made only from the noun, the meaning of it will still be clear.

Even for people who do not study the language very deeply, it is clear that the noun is the most important part of speech. Without it, it is impossible to fully construct a proposal, express your thoughts. Speech without nouns will be indistinct and incoherent. Therefore, it is very important to supplement and expand your vocabulary all the time.

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Composition on the theme “Noun”