What should be the teacher’s composition

At all times the teacher was a respected person, because he taught not only science, but also life, instructed. Unfortunately, modern teachers do not win such respect as before. Children sometimes do not obey, they play pranks, they do not teach lessons. Composition-reasoning “What should be a teacher” should be compulsory in school. Most likely, children are frank in the text describe the problem. On the other hand, such a topic may have another goal, namely: the reflections of the future teacher. I would like to address the students: whatever teachers are, respect them!

Of course, the adult who stands at the board with a pointer, graduated from a special educational institution by profession “educator”. It is said in general terms. In fact, teachers have their own specialization. Let’s think about what structure the “Good Teacher” essay should have. You do not need to write that he should not load homework and put two. It will be wrong,

because you must somehow learn, master the subject.

Let’s start the narrative. A good teacher is available and interesting to explain his subject, tells the topic, gives examples. A competent teacher will listen to each student, answer all questions. If something is not clear, try to explain again. Do not use the kindness, patience of the teacher. A pupil must also be able to take responsibility for teaching subjects.

If a student or a student dreams of becoming teachers, they should understand that very much will depend on their attitude towards children and their subject. It will be useful to write an essay-reasoning “What should be a teacher”, and then show it to the teacher, who in his opinion is the best. It will be important to listen to advice, remarks, wishes. It’s a living example, beloved teacher.

What should be the text? Tell me why you want to be a teacher, what subject to lead. And maybe your dream is to teach junior classes? Be sure to expand this topic. How do you see yourself, how do you explain how to educate the younger generation. How would you react if

a naughty schoolboy becomes naughty in your lesson.

To make it easier to write an essay-reasoning on “Teacher”, put yourself in the shoes of any teacher. Or ask the class teacher to spend an extra hour to play a teacher: stand with a pointer at the board. Any student can go out and explain some favorite topic within 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, you can practice this way and change.

What are the sensations? But consider that being a teacher is much harder than you imagine. The teacher should also have time to check your notebooks, and not just yours.

It is unlikely that the students in the essay-reasoning “What should be the teacher” include such an item as the activity of the teacher outside the lesson. The exception can only be for those whose parents are teachers, and who sees every day tired mom or dad with a stack of notebooks at home, with methodological materials, textbooks, synopses. If the teacher had today only 4 lessons, this does not mean that his work day is completely finished. This is not so.

It will be useful for students to ask their favorite teacher and class teacher what it is like to be a teacher. Most likely, he will share his impressions, talk about work.

Do not forget that good teachers are not born, they become. If the teacher loves children, life, his subject, knows a lot of interesting things, then he is happy and not mistaken with the choice. Composition-reasoning “What should be a teacher” is a good reason to think about the pedagogical life and the prospective choice of a profession. Do not obey the immediate desires, this choice should be conscious. It is important to understand well in some subject.

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What should be the teacher’s composition