How to write an essay

Before you start writing an essay on a given topic, read the main recommendations and stick to them afterwards. Recommendations for writing essays Composition consists of an introduction, the main part and conclusion. Entry and conclusion together should not be more than one-third of the entire work. In order for the work to turn out to be logical, make sure you compile a plan on the draft with our recommendations. The content of the essay should cover the main issue – the theme of the work. The writing should not be a simple retelling of the text.

It is welcomed, if you show erudition and ability to compare, using in the composition examples from other works, from life. But do not overdo it so that everything is appropriate. Be sure to divide the text into paragraphs. How to write an essay correctly: stages of work So, the theme of a composition can not be replaced by another, close in meaning. That is, your task – as fully as possible to reveal the main issue of

the work, write strictly on the given topic.

The draft plan on the draft Now take a draft and compile a work plan. Mentally transform the theme of the work into a question. Think, how would you answer it – this will be the main idea of ​​your work. The plan of the main part (between entry and conclusion) is divided into several points, which will logically move from one to another and gradually answer the main question of the composition. Perceive the main part, as a logical and consistent proof of your point of view on this issue. Under such a plan, it will be much easier for you to write an essay on a clean-up: gradually open each point of the main part of the plan, so you will receive a finished essay on the given topic.

Introduction To correctly write an essay, you need to take seriously not only the main part, but also to the introduction. There are various options for the opening part of the composition: For example, you can apply a historical introduction, that is, start your work with a brief description of the era, analyzing the economic, political or social situation and linking it to the

topic of the work. You can also start with an analytical introduction, reflecting on the central concept of the theme of the work.

If you take a biographical introduction, analyze the change in the views of the writer, his life, remember the history of writing this work. Comparative introduction requires mentioning the past literary trends and reflect on what the author has contributed to the development of literature. As an alternative, you can use a lyrical introduction when you compare the theme of the essay with personal experience, thoughts and feelings from what you read. The main part Write the main part of the composition, strictly following your logical plan on the draft.

Do not go to the “jungle”, try to clearly answer the main question, proving your point of view, supporting it with quotations and examples from the text. To correctly write an essay, you can quite easily take advantage of the controversy with an imaginary opponent or method from the opposite. It is important to show your attitude to the facts, to analyze each paragraph of the text, to make mini-conclusions and generalizations. Conclusion The conclusions of the essay must be clearly stated here. Reflect on the relevance and eternity of the problem posed.

Briefly reveal the meaning of the images of heroes and works. Describe its impact on contemporaries, the next generation. Conclusion is the result of all the reasoning in the main part, a brief summary. Here such simple recommendations should help you to cope with the task in view – the writing of the essay. True, over the long academic years you still have to learn how to write an essay. narrative, story, etc. Perhaps, in the lessons of literature you will get acquainted with the rules of writing poems, but this is a completely different matter.

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How to write an essay