Composition on the theme “Grammar”

The Russian philologist Ouspensky said: “Grammar allows us to relate any words to express any thought about any subject.” In order to express our thoughts, we must correctly formulate it using lexical means and express it correctly using grammatical means. There is evidence in the text.

Vocabulary is our vocabulary, which helps us formulate thoughts, and which we must constantly replenish. In the sentence number twenty-six the author uses the metaphor “terrible day”. It means that the day is important for the marten, this day one of her toddlers died, and the other children were taken to the forest and thrown out there. In sentence number thirty-three, a comparison is used “to that house, where it seems to have been dragged on by reason”. The maternal instinct brought a marten to this house every day, as if she were sitting on a bring and was constantly attracted to it. She wanted to return her cubs, and tried to do it with all her might.

Grammar transmits the train of thoughts of the author, helps express thoughts and feelings. In sentence number twelve, the isolation of the inconsistent definition “joyful” is used. Separation helps us to know the feelings and mood of the marten, she was happy, because she was able to get food for her children. The sentence number 13 is unreached. In this case, it is more appropriate, it helps express the pain and suffering of the marten, because she lost her children.

I agree with the author’s opinion, of course, it is true. For a person’s speech to be more cultured, we must use lexical and grammatical means, learn the rules and replenish our vocabulary.

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Composition on the theme “Grammar”