“Description of the nature of man” composition

So, how do you write an introduction? In fact, for writing-describing the options for the beginning is not so much. The most optimal and best option will be a brief introduction to the person you want to describe.

“In my essay I want to tell about my closest friend Igor, he is studying with me in the same class, we have known each other for many years, and I can say with certainty that Igor is an amazing person.”

Do not start a description of a person with his physiology. “Vlad, height – 180 cm, weight – 65 kg, blue eyes, etc.”. Such a description should be avoided not only in the introduction, but in the whole work as a whole.

The composition “Characteristics of a person” should start with several facts about you and your friend, whom you describe, so that the reader can understand why you chose this person.

In the main part, a colorful and full characterization of the person should appear. The writing (grade

8) implies that you will use different literary trails and stylistic devices. The composition “Characteristics of man” should not contain bare and dry facts about your friend. It is necessary that all personal information is harmoniously integrated into the text.

“Olesya is 16. Since the first class, we’ve been dancing together, Olesya has always been taller than me, and even now, with her height of 170 centimeters, I’m still a little lower.” My girlfriend is a very emotional person, but she does not feel all the feelings expresses vigorously, with facial expressions and gestures, her emotions manifest in her bright blue eyes, like flashes. “

Thus, with the help of various epithets and stylistics, you will be able to describe your friend not by boring facts, but very colorful and interesting.

In addition to describing the appearance, you should not forget to tell about the enthusiasm, character, temperament of this person. Remember what stories connect you, tell some key points that distinguished the person described by you from the crowd.


always had a quiet, calm character, she never said too much, and usually only smiled and did not say anything, but when we were alone or in the company of close people, Masha changed significantly.” She laughed, laughed until tears and told funny stories. “

Now it is necessary to finish the work “Characteristics of Man” with a conclusion.

In the final part of your essay, you must draw a conclusion to all the above written. The main thing here is to observe several rules: it is necessary that the conclusion be logically complete and small in size (2-3 sentences).

“Despite the fact that Maxim has a bad character, we still remain friends, because he is a very good person and I hope that he will remain like that.”

Written in this way, the essay on “Characteristics of Man” will be worthy of high praise.

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“Description of the nature of man” composition