Biography of Selena Gomez

The face of the world of television shows, films and music of the Disney studio, Selena Gomez is known to the public for her role in the television series The Wizards of Waverly Place, where she played a sorceress named Alex.

Early years and acting career

Selena Marie Gomez was born July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the family of Amanda Cornette and Ricardo Gomez. Her mother, who friends called Mandy, gave birth to a daughter when she was only 16.

His career in show business Selena begins in 2001, taking part in the popular children’s show “Barney and Friends” as Gianna. In 2003, she was expelled from the show. In the next two years the girl participates in casting various programs without much success. In 2003, she gets a small role in the movie “Spy Kids 3-D: The Game Is Over” and, in 2005, an episode in the tape “Walker, Texas Ranger: Fire Test.” In 2006, Selena becomes Emily Grace Garcia in the television show

“Powdered Brains” and writes a song for this show.

In 2006, Selena Gomez gets her first serious role: she is invited to take part in the TV series “All Type Top, or Life of Zak and Cody” on Disney. All on the same channel, she appears in the series “Hannah Montana”, having played in it the evil-minded Makeylu.

The first major role of Selena is the role of Alex Rousseau in the series “The Wizards of the Weyvere Place” produced by the Disney channel, released in 2007. The series becomes the hallmark of the channel.

In 2008, Gomez voiced her first animated film “Horton”, and a little later, starred in the film “Another Story of Cinderella” on the ABC Family television channel with Disney’s star Andrew Seely. Also Selena appears in two films of the franchise of the original movie channel “Disney”: “Princess Protection Program” with Demi Lovato and “Wizards of the Weyvere Place in the cinema.”

Successful musical career

Selena Gomez is also engaged in a growing music career,

which begins in 2008, when she records a cover version of the song “Cruella de Vil” for the album “DisneyMania 6”. Gomes writes three soundtracks for the movie “Another Story about Cinderella”. To this, the song for the cartoon “Fairies” is added. Together with his friend and shooting partner Demi Lovito, Selena records the single “One and the Same” for the film “Princess Protection Program.” Then there are four soundtracks for the movie “The Wizards of the Weyver Place in the movie.”

In 2008, Gomez signs a contract with the recording studio Hollywood Records and begins work on her debut album “Kiss and Tell”, which was released in September 2009. In the video of the band “Jonas Brothers” for the song “Burnin ‘up” , filmed in 2008, Selena appears in the role of herself.

Present time

In 2012, Gomez starred in comedy crime thriller Harmony Corin “Otvyaznye vacation”, along with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and others. In the same year, she voiced Mavis in the movie “Monsters on vacation”.

In addition, Gomez becomes the face of “Borden Milk”, taking part in organizing an advertising campaign and filming for print advertising. She also participates in the pre-election education of teenagers, helping them to understand the upcoming presidential elections in 2008.

From 2011 to 2013, Gomez has a romantic relationship with pop singer Justin Bieber. At the beginning of January 2014, a message appears that Selena has been fighting red lupus for more than two years – an autoimmune disease that can cause swelling of the face, exhaustion, headaches and pain in the joints. The official diagnosis was given to her in 2012.

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Biography of Selena Gomez