Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. Biography

Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. Biography

Life and work of VS Vysotsky in dates and facts

1938, January 25 – Birth of the poet

1945 – entered the school number 273

1947-1949 – living in Germany

1949 – return to Moscow and admission to the 5th grade of the men’s secondary school No. 186.

1955 – the end of secondary school and admission to the mechanical faculty of the Moscow Engineering and Construction Institute, which leaves after the first semester.

1956 – entered the School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theater.

1958 – the first actor’s work – the role of Porfiry Petrovich in the educational play “Crime and Punishment”.

1960 – marriage to Izie Zhukova, future actress. Graduation of the School-studio

and the beginning of work in the Moscow Drama Theater. A. S. Pushkin.

1961 – the creation of the first song – “Tattoo”. Shooting in the movie “713th asks for a landing.” Acquaintance with actress Lyudmila Abramova, who became Vysotsky’s second wife.

1962 – work at the Theater of Miniatures. The birth of Arkady’s son.

1963 – the first studio recordings of Vysotsky’s songs.

1964 – went to work at the Moscow Drama and Comedy Theater on Taganka. The birth of Nikita’s son.

1965 – first solo performances with songs in scientific research institutes. The premiere of the performances “Antimirs”, “Ten Days That Shook the World”, “The Fallen and the Living.”

1966-1967 – shooting in movies “I come from childhood” and “Short meetings”.

1967 – acquaintance with Marina Vlady, French film actress. The output of the film “Vertical” with Vysotsky’s songs. The first publication of Vysotsky’s songs in the newspapers. The premiere of the play “Pugachev” with Vysotsky in the role of Hlopushi.

1968-1969 – the first author’s record with songs from the movie “Vertical”. The output of the films

“Two Companions Served”, “Dangerous Tours” and “Host of the Taiga”.

1970 – divorce from L. V. Abramova. Marriage with Marina Vlady.

1971 – premiere of the play “Hamlet” at the Taganka Theater with Vysotsky in the title role.

1972 – shooting in the movies “Fourth” and “Bad good man.”

1973 – the first trip abroad – to France.

1974 – shooting in the movie “The Only Road”. The release of two author’s records “Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky.”

1975 – shooting in the film “The Only.” Beginning of the rehearsals of A. Efros’s play “The Cherry Orchard” with Vysotsky as Lopakhin.

1976 – the release of the film “The Tale of how Tsar Peter therap married” with Vysotsky in the title role. Trip to Canada and the USA.

1977 – the release of two albums with songs of Vysotsky in France. Tours of the Taganka Theater in France, Vysotsky’s concerts in Paris.

1978 – began work on the role of Captain Zheglov in the television movie “The meeting place can not be changed.”

1979 – work on the role of Don Guan in the television drama “Little Tragedies.”

1980, July 25 – Vysotsky’s death. He was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. Biography