Composition on the theme “Smile”

A short essay on “Smile” tells the reader about the spiritual beauty of a person who can outshine any, even utterly indescribable, visual appeal. Often, after looking at a beautiful face, we regret to notice heartlessness and indifference, gliding in the eyes of beautiful but cold eyes.

All the children remember a cartoon about a raccoon, who was afraid of his reflection in the pond. He mug his own faces, threatening his teeth, and it was even more frightening. After a wise advice just smile at the evil muzzle, reflected in the water, he did so. And it worked! In response, he immediately received a charming smile.

The same thing happens in life. A gloomy and angry beech that does not show human kindness. will never receive a pleasant communication in return. But in fact, for this, only it is necessary to smile and politely speak.

Once, in a certain city, at the grocery store an interesting case occurred. Two young girls traded in the gastronomic departments

in the neighborhood. One was, well, just a written beauty! High, stately, with a rich, black braid, thrown to the chest, with scarlet, succulent lips and the eyes of a ripe cherry.

The other is a puny, pale, blue-eyed, freckled little face. A bunch of hairs of indeterminate color was completed by a portrait of a timid girl.

People are instinctively drawn to the beautiful, so the beauty quickly gathered a queue, mostly from men. The girl, with a squeamish expression on her face, threw the ordered goods onto the scales and called the price through her teeth. Buyers, blushing indignantly, disappointed away from the counter.

One guy looked at the beauty so much, that, having lost her rude voice, forgot about the purchase and left the line. He did not want to return to the ham, and he went to another girl. In response to the nervous state of the young man, she quietly reassured him and smiled. This beautiful smile lit up her face with a gentle peach color. Blue eyes, like lakes, were ready to splash over the edge. The girl cleverly packed the goods and wished good luck. The guy did not strongly invite her to a date and she nodded, embarrassed.

The whole turn from the beauty moved to the next department. It was a line for attention, cordiality and just for a sincere smile.

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Composition on the theme “Smile”