Biography of Pamela Anderson

The first glory for Pamela Anderson came after her appearance on the pages of “Playboy”. After the role in “Rescuers Malibu” Pamela woke up world celebrity. Participation in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010 only added to her popularity.

Early years

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967 in a family of workers in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. After graduating from high school, she works as a fitness instructor – until as long as she is not accidentally “opened” on one football match. Anderson, in a tight T-shirt with an advertisement for Labatt beer, accidentally appears on the huge screen of the stadium. The firm “Labatt” immediately invites her to appear in advertising of her products.

Soon comes the offer from “Playboy”. In the future, it will appear in five more issues of the magazine.

“Malibu safeguards”

Model success leads to the fact that Anderson

gets episodic roles in television programs. Her first big breakthrough is the role of an assistant girl in the sitcom “Big Repair”. It is her role in this series that attracts the attention of casting specialists of the show “Rescuers Malibu”, who are just looking for a replacement for Erika Elanyak, the first blonde actress of the series. The hour show, telling about the life of the rescuers of the beach strip of Malibu, was a cutting of filming of half-naked actors with a weak storyline, and critics spoke about it appropriately. But the frequent appearance of the luxurious forms of Anderson warms up the public’s interest and makes the show one of the most rated programs in the world.

But, despite the success on television, the dizzying heights on the big screen Anderson did not reach. With her wide publicity, including the appearance of a cat at the Cannes Film Festival, the first appearance of Pamela in the movie, in the tape “Do not Call Me Baby,” is a complete failure, both from critics and from the commercial point of view.

After that Anderson returns to

television, becoming the executive director and star of the series “VIP”, in which she plays the owner of a security agency, where only models are accepted for work. The series to this day is one of the most successful in the television syndicate.

Personal life

The wedding of Anderson and the rocker from the group “Motley Crue”, held in 1995, attracts the press attention. The family has two sons, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger. However, the joint life now and then is overshadowed by scandals, including the notorious kidnapping of recordings of making love during the honeymoon and their broadcast on the Internet. In 1998, after Lee was arrested and found guilty of causing marital insults, the marriage ends in divorce.

In March 2002, Anderson tells the world that he is sick with hepatitis C, who got infected with a tattoo with a single needle with Lee. But this personal tragedy does not destroy her relationship with the rapper Kid Rock, which lasted a whole year. On July 29, 2006, the couple plays a wedding on a yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez in France. In November of the same year, a message appears that Anderson had a miscarriage. And a few weeks later, Pamela filed for divorce, referring to insurmountable differences.

In 2007, Anderson marries Rick Salomon, the same partner that Paris Hilton was in the notorious scandal of 2003. But, a few months later, the marriage was canceled. In January 2014 the pair converges again, and in July Anderson announces a new break.


In 2007, the name Anderson again flies through all the magazines, this time about her appearance in the hit parody of the documentary “Borat: Cultural Studies of America in Favor of the Glorious State of Kazakhstan,” in which her partner in the shooting is the famous British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen. Anderson appears on the screen in the scene of a failed abduction of herself, which seems to be not real, but quite real. The public argues for a long time whether the role was planned or whether it was a surprise for Pamela herself. Anderson refuses to comment, but in an interview with MTV, it is stipulated that Cohen is “such a nice guy.” The film is nominated for the Oscar and Golden Globe awards.

Soon, Anderson announced that she was engaged to the secular lion Rick Salomon. In October this year, the couple plays a wedding, but on December 14 Pamela and Rick are filed for divorce. However, two days later, the former spouses were seen during a joint shopping trip, which Anderson explains by the decision to reconsider their relationship. The truce does not last long, and in March 2008, the marriage is declared invalid, with reference to deception when it is issued.

Present time

In August 2008, the autobiographical series “Pam: a Girl at Large” starts. Anderson also starred in two films: “Blonde and Blonde” and “Superhero Cinema.” In 2010 she appears in the movie “Hollywood for Beginners” with David Spade and Chris Catten. In the same year, Pamela takes part in the 10th season of the popular show “Dancing with the Stars.” In 2012, she will appear in the 15th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars: Only Stars.”

Outside the screens, Anderson, a vegetarian from childhood and an active member of the society “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals,” opposes wearing fur products and prohibiting hunting for seals. At an auction in support of non-profit organizations, she buys a sports car Viper 2000, which will appear in her series “Pam: a girl on the loose.”


“The blonde is cool.” The less expected from you, the easier it will be to surprise. “

“I’m not an actress, I do not consider myself an actress, I think I just managed to create a brand and do business.”

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Biography of Pamela Anderson