Biography of Brian Cranston

Biography of Brian Cranston

The diverse actor Brian Cranston played Walter White in the popular television drama “In All Grave”. In it, the school teacher made methamphetamine and turned into a criminal authority.


Bryan Lee Cranston was born on March 7, 1956 in Canoga Park, California. The son of an actor striving for success, Brian spent a lot of time in his childhood watching his father, Joe, never become a popular actor, although he was keen to achieve it. In the end, his father left the show business, but his exorbitant spending, which he was used to in show business, very hard to respond to the family and the budget. At the age of 12, Brian survived the divorce of his parents, and then the loss of his parents’ home due to the inability to pay bills. The crisis forced Brian

and his elder brother to move to the grandfather’s house with his grandmother for a year. After the move, the brothers did not see their father for a whole decade.

At school Cranston was a diligent student, gifted, but not self-confident, little by little engaged in sports. “It was not a good time, I was very quiet, modest and insecure, my shyness made me to be an observer, literally and figuratively.” At the age of 16, Cranston enrolled in a school program to study the application of the law from the Los Angeles police. During the training he became the best in the group, and his goal was to obtain a degree in political science and service in the police. But when to get the necessary education Cranston was offered to choose one more optional subject, he chose acting. And soon, Cranston reveals real acting skills.

In 1976, finishing school, Cranston did not even mention work in the police, but instead went on a two-year journey on motorcycles with his brother, Kyle. During the trip, the brothers traveled around the country and made stops only to earn money for the road and go on. In the end, the brothers returned to California, where both began a career of actors.

Early career: “Malcolm in the spotlight”

Not feeding illusions like his father, Cranston took on any role that

was turning him. One of these roles was the role in the advertising of the drug “Preparation Eych” for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Also Cranston played in the television show “The Airwolf” and “She wrote the murder.”

By the end of the ’90s, Cranston had a respectable, albeit not noticeable, career. Among his roles at that time were: the recurring role in the series “Seinfield” and “The King of Queens”, the role of Buzz Aldrin in the Tom Hanks miniseries “From Earth to the Moon” in 1998, and the role of the US Army Colonel in the film “Saving Private Ryan” in 1998.

In 2000, Cranston gained fame due to the role of one of the three brother-fidgets – Hala – in the popular TV series “Malcolm in the spotlight” of the FOX channel. The role brought Cranston three nominations for the Emmy Award.

“Breaking bad”

In 2006, after finishing the series “Malcolm in the spotlight” and looking for work, Cranston read the original version of the script for the series. Author Vince Gilligan and Cranston first met in 1998, when they both worked on an episode of “The X-Files.” Creating the show, the main role – Walter White – Gilligan only introduced Cranston – a school chemistry teacher who learns that he has cancer, and that after his death leave enough money for his family, begins to cook methamphetamine.

Cranston admitted that when reading the script he had a strong desire to play the main character, because he felt that the life of the person who played White would change. With the life of Cranston it happened. Critics very well accepted the series, which began in 2008, calling it one of the best on television. And Cranston series three times in a row “presented” the Emmy award for the outstanding role of the first plan in the drama series. Cranston is the only actor, in addition to Bill Cosby, who received the award three years in a row. In 2014, Cranston also received this award for the final season of the series.

All this contributed to obtaining much more attractive roles. In 2013, when the series came to an end, Cranston was confirmed for a role in the film biography of Dalton Trumbo – a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter.

Cranston earned recognition in the theater, playing in 2014, US President Lyndon Johnson in the production of “To the End” and received the “Tony” award for the main role.

Personal life

Cranston lives in South Carolina with his second wife, Robin Dirden. Spouses raise a daughter – Taylor Dirden.


I love acting, because it’s a whole lot of opportunities. A lot of opportunities for me.

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Biography of Brian Cranston