Biography of Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul became famous for the role of Jesse Pinkman in the television series “In All Grave,” which several times won the Emmy Award.

Early years

Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born in the family of a priest of the Baptist church on August 27, 1979, the city of Emmett, Idaho. Paul was the youngest of the five children of Robert and Darla Sturtevant. Already after moving to Hollywood, he reduced his name, because casting directors at casting actors had difficulties with his pronunciation.

Paul was obsessed with acting from childhood. At the Centennial school, he went to a circle of acting skills and was never afraid to tell everyone around what he wanted to become an actor.

After graduation, 17-year-old Paul moved to Los Angeles, California. There, he plays episodic roles on television for the next ten years and is shot in advertising. Paul took part in various projects: from advertising Corn Pops to filming in the clip of the band Korn.


In the early 2000s, the list of TV-projects in which Paul took part was significantly expanded. He appeared in the original version of “Beverly Hills, 90210”, as well as in the television series “Ambulance”, “CSI: Crime Scene Miami”, “Veronica Mars” and “New Jeanne d’Arc.”

In addition, Paul starred in several films. In “Planet Ka-Pax” he plays the son of Jeff Bridges, who is alienated from his father, and in the movie “The King of parties” he got the role of an unnamed guy. And he had a small role in the adventure thriller “Mission Impossible 3” starring Tom Cruise.

A breakthrough in his career took place in 2007, when he was selected for the role of Scott Quittman, a moral associate, boyfriend and later husband of Sarah Hendrickson in the television series HBO’s “Big Love”.

“Breaking bad”

Paul was still in the cast of the series “Big Love”, when he fell into the hands of the script of the project “In All Grave.” The

director and producer of the series Vince Gilligan wanted to tell the audience a story about Walter Whyte, a doctor of chemical sciences who, having learned that he had cancer, begins to manufacture methamphetamine.

The plot seemed exciting to Paul, but he doubted that he would be allowed to broadcast.

“It was the best I’ve ever read,” Paul recalled later, “but I doubt that this series will ever see the light, it’s been straining from the very first series.”

But his doubts did not materialize, and with “hey, dude”, Paul’s manner was chosen for the role of Jesse Pinkman, a troubled guy and White’s partner in the manufacture of methamphetamine. And for the role of White Gilligan chose Brian Cranston. The series first began broadcasting in 2008 and ended with the release of the final series in September 2013.

In fact, before the second season, Gilligan planned to kill Pinkman, but after he saw how Paul and Cranston complement each other, he decided to leave him alive.

The game of Paul in the series was highly appreciated and brought him fame. During the filming in five seasons he received three Emmy awards in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor in the Dramatic TV Series.”

Between the filming in the series “In All Grave,” Paul also starred in the films “In the Trash” and “Decipherment of Annie Parker.”

The stellar status of Paul was reinforced before the end of the series, when he was approved for one of the main roles in the films “The Long Fall”, which also starred Pierce Brosnan, Tony Collett and Rosamund Pike; “Exodus: Kings and Gods,” a biblical epic, where Paul plays Yeshua, a Jewish slave who was close to Moses.

Personal life

Paul lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Lauren Parsequian. They were married in May 2013.


“I like to play non-standard roles.”

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Biography of Aaron Paul