Biography of David Duchovny

Actor David Duchovny played the role of FBI agent Fox Mulder in the television series “The X-Files” and Hank Moody in the project of the television channel “Showtime” “Free Ways of California.”

Early years

David William Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960 in New York, New York. His father, Amram, was a writer and journalist of the Jewish Public Organization of the United States. His mother Margaret, a native of Scotland, who was called Meg in the family, was a teacher and an employee of the school administration.

David Duchovny is an average child in the family. He has an older brother named Danny and younger sister Laurie. After the parents divorce, the children stay with their mother. David at the time was 11 years old. Dukhovny describes himself as a shy and diligent child, who, with the divorce of his parents, plunged into science.

As a teenager, Duchovny becomes a fellow-student in the preparatory department of the

Collegiate School in Manhattan. Unlike most of her classmates, Dukhovny lives outside the prestigious part of the city and has to settle for all sorts of summer work-outs: a bicycle attendant, and later a bodyguard. Dukhovny graduated with honors from high school, and is sent to receive a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts in the field of literature at Princeton University. During the year, David is working on his own novel, and then gets the right to join the ranks of Yale University. There Dukhovny receives a master’s degree in English literature and starts research work for a doctorate.

Actor career

While working on her thesis, Duchovny begins to participate in the productions of New York Broadway. Soon, much to the disappointment of his mother, David throws a scientific job, fully devoting himself to acting.

His first commercial success comes at the age of 27, when Duchovny is photographed in the television advertisement of the beer “Löwenbräu”. In 1988, David made his debut on a blue screen, starring in an episodic role in the film “Business Girl”. This

role is followed by a more significant participation in the low-budget film “New Year’s Eve”.

Discouraged by the lack of shifts in her career, Dukhovny dismisses her agent and moves to Hollywood, where she hires a new representative. Throughout the 1990’s, he will play a number of small roles of eccentric characters in the films “Ascension”, “Two Lovers of Julia” and “California” with Brad Pitt in the title role.

David’s roles in the TV series “Twin Peaks” and “The Diaries of the Red Shoe,” warmly received by the audience, led the actor to believe that he would make great strides on the television screen than in the film world. In 1993, he received the main role of FBI agent Fox Mulder in the science fiction series “The X-Files”, which brings him the first glory. The spectators are intrigued by the mutual attraction that arose on the television screen between Duchovny and his partner Gillian Anderson, who played in the series of partner Mulder, agent Dan Scully. There were rumors that their connection exists outside the screen, although Dukhovny himself persistently denied the slightest hint of it. In 1995, the series bypasses its rival, the popular TV series “Ambulance”, and receives the Golden Globe Award. In 1998, the “X-Files” end with the release of the full-length eponymous film. In the next decade, Dukhovny returns to the big screen, playing two or more roles a year. In 2007, he again undertook a large-scale work on television, playing the role of Hank Moody in the series “Free Ways of California” on the television channel “Showtime”.

Personal life

In the spring of 1997, after a short novel of only three months in length, Duchovny marries actress Tee Leoni. In 2011, without any comment, they will part. In 2014, David and Thea are officially filed for divorce. From this marriage, David has a daughter Madeline and son Kid.


“I am the conduit through which America sees the weakness of women in front of their erotic dreams.”

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Biography of David Duchovny