Biography of Dmitry Dibrov

Dmitry Alexandrovich Dibrov – TV presenter, journalist, musician.

Born Dmitry Dibrov on November 14, 1959 in Rostov-on-Don. Higher education in the biography of Dmitry Dibrov was received at the State University of Rostov, where he studied at the department of journalism. After graduating from university, for a short time was a correspondent of the newspaper “Prize”, and in 1982 moved to work in the Moscow Komsomolets.

A year later, in the career of Dibrov, a change occurred again – he became a TASS correspondent. Since 1987 he was a correspondent for central television. Career TV presenter Dibrov began in 1988, when he began to lead “Vzglyad” on Channel One. Also Dibrov was a correspondent for the “Experiment” studio, then a commentator, and after the deputy director of Channel 4, “Ostankino.” In 1994, the company “Fresh Wind” was founded in the biography of Dmitry Dibrov.

Dibrov tried himself as the leading three most famous Russian TV channels – NTV, Rossiya, Channel One. On the First Channel Dmitry Dibrov for his biography led the program “Editing”, “Rise”, “Good Morning”, “Night Shift”, “The People Against”, “Apology”. On the channel “NTV” was leading “Oh, lucky”, “Anthropology”, “Autodafe.” Now Dmitry is the leading program “Who wants to be a millionaire”, “Temporarily available”. He starred in two films – “Moth Games”, the series “Provincials”.

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Biography of Dmitry Dibrov