Biography of Paul Will

Pavel Alekseyevich Volya is a participant in the television project “Comedy Club”, a TV host, an actor, a rap singer.

Pavel was born in Penza on March 14, 1979. He received his primary and secondary education at Penza School No. 11, which he graduated with a silver medal. Higher education in the biography of Paul Wola was received at the Belinsky State Pedagogical University in Penza. Specialized in Russian and literature.

During his stay in Penza he worked as a DJ on “Russian Radio”. Activities in comedy, humorous programs in the biography of Pasha Wola began with participation in the Penza KVN team – “Valion Dasson”, in which Pasha was the captain.

After graduating from university, he settled in Moscow. First he worked on the musical channel Muz-TV as the host, also as a DJ on “Hit FM”. Is a member of the program “Comedy Club”, starting with the presentation of the show in April 2005. His performance “glamorous scum” holds in the discussions of the stars, without hesitation in expressions.

In 2007, Paul Wola’s biography became known also as a rap artist. The first and so far only Pavel’s album “Respect and Uvazhuha” with the famous track “Everything will be fucking” was released in 2007. I took a few clips. In 2008 he played the role of Timo Milan in “The Best Movie”. The first major role in the biography of Will was obtained in 2008 – in the film “Plato”.

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Biography of Paul Will