Biography of Tila Tequila

Biography of Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila – TV presenter, singer, model.

Tila was born in Singapore on October 24, 1981, where her family moved from Vietnam. At the age of one year in the biography of Tila Tequila, there was a transfer to Houston with his family. In high school, Tila did not have good behavior. Ultimately, before moving to another school, she was sent to a boarding school for six months. In high school, the girl used the older sister’s documents to go to the bar, where she started taking drugs.

For Tila Tequila, the biography of those times was a difficult period. At the age of 16 she fled to Queens. Nguyen began her career at the age of 18. Then she starred for the “Cyber ​​Club” “Playboy”. She became the first Asian among the other “Cyber


Then Tila got a little popularity thanks to the shootings for “The Import Scene”, the machines of famous brands. She even got on the cover of the magazine “Import Tuner”. Tila was a participant in the reality show “Surviving Nugent” on the “VH1” channel, later took part in the first season of the show “Pants-Off Dance-Off,” on the channel “Fuse TV”.

In 2006 she starred for the April cover of the magazine “Stuff”, in which she gave an interview. The nickname “Tequila” was attached to the girl at the age of thirteen when she experimented with alcohol. In August of the same year, Nguyen appeared on the cover of “Maxim”, and took 88th place in the ranking of the most attractive versions of the same magazine. Also in “Maxim” Tila appeared in 2007, and in 2008, according to their version, took 100th position in the same rating.

In April 2007, Tequila starred in the show “Identity” in the image of one of the 12 strangers, as well as in the show “War At Home”. For the first time in her biography, Tila Tequila played in the cinema in 2007. It was the movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”.

A great popularity Nguyé received thanks to the

reality show. In March 2006, in her MySpace blog, Tequila announced that she would be on the show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”. The program began to appear on the channel “MTV” in October 2007. In the Ukrainian “MTV” the title sounds like “Teela’s Teela, The Battle for the Body.”

At the age of 20, Tila became interested in rock music, starting to look for a band that would accept it. She joined “Beyond Betty Jean”, where she was a soloist and wrote songs, and then became a soloist in “Jealousy”. Then Tequila signed a contract with “Will. I. Am”, and in February 2007 released the first significant single “I Love U”. In 2007 the album “Sex” was released. Then came her singles “Stripper Friends” in 2007, “Paralyze” in 2008. In December 2008, the biography of Tila Tequila hosted the presentation of her book “Hooking Up with Tila Tequila”. And in September 2009, with Tila, there was a loud scandal. Tila’s boyfriend, footballer Sean Merriman, beat her after another quarrel, so Tilah was hospitalized.

Her appearance played a significant role in the career of the model and TV presenter. In the biography of Tila Tequila, growth also matters, the girl is not very tall, and is characterized by a miniature addition of the body.

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Biography of Tila Tequila