Do I need to know more than one language?

Anyone who does not know a foreign language does not know his own.
V. Goethe

I consider the knowledge of several languages ​​other than my native language necessary. And the more a person knows languages, the more opportunities he has. Some people learn languages ​​because they need it for work, others travel abroad. Everyone who knows many foreign languages ​​can talk with people from other countries, read works of foreign authors, which makes the horizon wider.

Nowadays, foreign languages ​​play a big role: we live at a time when relations with various countries and peoples are developing more and more. Regardless of the profession we choose after graduation, where we will work, knowledge of a foreign language, at least one, may be just necessary.

Of all the world’s languages, I choose English. He became the most important language of the world, the language of political, scientific and commercial relations. This is the language of computer technology. A lot of scientific literature is written in English. Every good specialist needs to know this language.

Learning foreign languages ​​is not an easy task. This is a long process, which requires a lot of time and effort.

But I want to say something else. Do I need to know the language of the environment in which you live? Do you need to know the Ukrainian language in Russian if he lives in Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian, living, say, in Uzbekistan, Latvia or Moldova, Uzbek, Latvian or Moldovan? I think: it is imperative. This is respect for the people next to whom you live, and just a vital necessity. Every language is interesting.

Knowledge of several languages ​​makes it possible to better understand yourself and the world around you.

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Do I need to know more than one language?