What is language

All people in the world are united by one common thing. This is communication. It is possible due to the existence of language. It contains a very large number of words, through which you can express any emotion and thought. But the word “language” has only one meaning. The article will consider what a language is.

So, the word “language” can mean a human organ, a subject of linguistics, and also can mean a programming language.

Language as a subject of linguistics

Consider language as an object for linguistics. It is a very complex system and consists of basic categories, such as a set of words, semantics and syntax. Language in this sense is a way of transferring information between people. In the world there are so many languages ​​and each of them has its own vocabulary. In other words, a certain number of words. The dictionary is the basis of each language. In addition, each word can have many different meanings. The variety of

meanings of each word is semantics. But any language is not just a collection of words and their meanings. All words need somehow to be combined, to form certain phrases, phrases and sentences, which allow to fully express the opinion of one or another person. The rules for combining words into sentences and logical use are syntax.

It is worth noting that the languages ​​for communication are those that have arisen together with the development of a certain people, and those that are created artificially. For example, sign language for deaf people.

Programming languages

In addition to the fact that language is a means of communication, there are many more meanings of what language means. There are also programming languages. They are principles and rules for processing information and data, and performing many computational operations. These languages ​​are used in the computer sphere and facilitate the work of a person, as well as provide various types of human entertainment. Programming languages ​​are very different from human languages. When human speech is a combination of words that

convey some meaning, the language is a set of special code words, designations that determine the algorithm for processing a process.

Language as an organ of the body

The word language has one more meaning. By the term “tongue” is meant the organ of the body. It consists of muscle tissue and is placed in the mouth. Why do we need language as an organ of the body? It performs many functions. First of all with the help of it we can distinguish the tastes of food. That is, say, sweet or bitter food, or what kind of vegetable. It is in the language of the receptors that determine the taste.

In addition, the language takes a lot of participation in communication. With its help, we form a variety of sounds that are combined into words, and then into sentences and chains of speech.

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What is language