“The Problem of the Russian Language”

The Russian language is almost a living organism. It develops, changes. There are new words, and something, on the contrary, is a thing of the past.

Like any living organism, language can also “ache” and suffer. He is even capable of perishing, disappearing from the face of the earth. Russian language is not threatened, because millions of people speak it. But he also has his “illnesses”.

For example, more and more concepts in Russian are denoted by foreign words, usually English. These are new concepts from spheres of business, computers, modern culture, entertainment.

Nobody is trying to come up with a Russian designation for new subjects, for example, engineering. Everyone, like parrots, copies English names. And they replace foreign already available Russian words. For example, they do not say “extend the contract”, but “prolong”, although this is the same thing.

Even those words that were borrowed earlier, and have already taken root in the Russian language, and they are replaced with new ones. Already they say not “fashion”, but “fashion”. All this in large quantities litter our native language and shows disrespect to it.

Another problem: now people use a lot of slang and swear words. Of course, they are also part of the language, but their place is “on the orders” of the dictionary. And when everyone yells them out, the language becomes primitive and rude.

At the same time people forget good, kind, elegant words and expressions, they are forgotten and out of use. So you can generally forget how to speak beautifully! Language loses its vocabulary and becomes poorer.

These are the problems I see in the modern Russian language. I want to believe that together we will solve them, and not just talk about the fact that the Russian language needs to be protected.

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“The Problem of the Russian Language”