Why is the language alive while the people are alive?

From the first days of life a person begins to learn his native language. This happens unnoticed. The mother’s sweet talk, father’s whisper over the cradle, grandmother’s tunes and grandfather’s stories gradually introduce the child to the color of the adverb, on which he will speak all his life. It will be surrounded by people who communicate in the same language. On it, he will share his mother’s secrets, confess his love when he grows up, and he will teach his children. This is a huge happiness!

Imagine for a minute that someone wants to deprive us of the opportunity to speak our native language, that we need to abandon it. That in a foreign language we would be forced to say always and everywhere: with my mother at home, with friends on the street, at school, with the seller in the store. How much do you say? Is that all? Will you explain what you feel by other people’s words? No. A lot of time will pass until you learn how to convey your

thoughts, and you will never be able to convey feelings. If you deprive a person of the opportunity to speak his native language, part of his soul will go away forever. So the people who lost their language, gradually die.

What is the people? “People who live in a certain area,” someone will say. Not only! The territory can be conquered, the country’s wealth and cultural values ​​destroyed, but the people, as long as his language is alive, will live. This people will be able to preserve their culture, history and create new works of art and culture. That’s why people take care of their language.

That is why many countries give an opportunity to their residents to speak two languages, to learn adverbs of small nationalities in schools. To give people to save the most valuable, so that there is no enmity between parts of the population speaking different languages. To mutually enrich the cultures of the nationalities living in the state, and that each of them can continue to live and develop.

What can a schoolboy do to save his people, save his language? Of course, learn!

Read the books in their native language, study the biographies of famous writers and poets who glorified it, study folk folklore, write wisely, and avoid blotting out the language with abusive words. In no other language than one’s own, it is impossible to convey the whole variety of thoughts and feelings that fill a person throughout his life. And most importantly, people of all countries should remember – all languages ​​are good, one should respect and appreciate them, like the people who speak to them. The language of friendship and mutual understanding is the main language of the world!

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Why is the language alive while the people are alive?