While the language is alive, the nation is alive too

Russia is a great power with a rich history and, as IS Turgenev wrote, “a great, mighty Russian language.”

The basis for preserving the nation is mainly its language. The Russian language is a mirror of Russian identity, a reflection of the very life of the people, so every self-respecting Russian is obliged to preserve his language. “Save the language” is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. A person does not need anything fantastic. It is necessary only to observe the rules and adhere to the norms of the Russian language, to study it in detail and carefully.

Oral speech is of great importance for the Russian language, its depth and inexhaustibility amaze the imagination not only of foreigners, but of the Russians themselves. Follow the norms of oral speech – thereby you will make your contribution to the preservation of the language, and hence, the nation. In addition, it is always pleasant to listen to coherent and competent


With each passing day the language develops, and it’s wonderful. There are new things that need to be given a name, and often words are borrowed from foreign languages. The problem is that many neologisms litter the language, they simply do not need anything, because the Russian language itself can cope with the set “task.”

Of course, in schools, children learn the rules of the Russian language, but not everyone treats them with respect, not only young people, but adults themselves. But this is necessary! I believe that in Russia the vast majority of citizens must be educated in the sphere of their native language. Otherwise, our mighty and powerful language can perish, and at the same time the Russian people themselves will perish. And we should not allow this at all! Speak and write competently and beautifully, study, love and respect your language, because Russian is one of the most complex and richest languages ​​in the world. Is this not a reason to be proud of him?

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While the language is alive, the nation is alive too