Composition about the Russian language

Russian language is beautiful and unusual. How many magnificent works are written in this language. Russian language can not be admired, because with the help of it you can transfer all the beauty of the surrounding world, as well as the inner world of man.

For centuries, the Russian language has changed, evolved, improved. But how to say perfection is not chapel, many more generations will complement to develop the language. The most important thing is to preserve the Russian language, not to let it die, as it happens with other languages. Following fashion trends, modern people are beginning to displace their native language, increasingly preferring foreign languages, or artificially created.

The Russian language bears the culture and customs of the country where it is spoken. Every self-respecting person should be proud of their language. If the native language is popular, we love, it will also be with the people who speak it. He who respects his native language, respects himself, respects people.

The task of the future generation to preserve the Russian language, not to let it disappear, if the language disappears, then the entire nation will soon cease to exist. Mother tongue is no less valuable than all kinds of minerals, it can not be bought or sold, they can only be proud and admire.

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Composition about the Russian language