Composition “Language is the soul of the people”

Language is a spiritual treasure, in which for centuries people have been investing their acquisitions. No, it’s not money, of course. And it’s not even precious stones. These are other values: melodic words, melodious phrases. Words of love, friendship, anger. The words of science and culture.

And clever sayings and aphorisms, sharp proverbs, accurate jokes, funny jokes and jokes. And yet poignant to the depths of the soul poems, wonderful songs and wise books.

What joy does a person experience in a foreign land when he hears his native word! One long-awaited word can heal, raise morale, make life a holiday!

Language, you are a magician! You can make friends out of strangers. You unite people, you make people invincible in all situations.

But people, having got used every day to use language, often do not appreciate it. They litter the language with foreign words. At the same time from the treasury throw away real jewels of age-old wisdom. People often start to appreciate their language only in a foreign land.

When invaders come to their native land, they immediately limit the use of their native language. What for? If there is no language, there is no people. His values ​​are taken away, and new owners are using the land. A people without a language is like a man without a soul, a man without roots. It’s empty inside such a person, he’s not attached to anything and nobody cares about him.

A people without a language is a house without a foundation. The wind blew – and people scattered like bricks around the world.

Language! You are the soul of our people. You are an immortal soul, able to live forever, in generations, while we care for you!

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Composition “Language is the soul of the people”