Composition on the topic “Wealth of the Russian Language”

Many people do not even think that their language is considered the richest. Why Russian? The answer is very simple, the Russian language is the only language in the world, words in which can be replenished again and again. Out of many expressions and invented words, our language and our culture are replenished, because much of what was popular with our grandparents goes into our conversational vocabulary, and our grandchildren will also speak with our phrases.

The Russian language is very complicated, but it does not make it less attractive. Many writers said that in Russian you can conduct any conversation: recognition of love, communication with the enemy, friendly conversation, because it is he who can convey all feelings and emotions, better than any other language. The main thing is to learn to be a literate person, you should not shout to the whole world, that it is too complicated and that you have invented too many stupid rules.

It should be remembered that the

language in which we speak is the gift of our ancestors and not the teaching of the language – it is equivalent to forget about our relatives, not to accept their culture, to become a stranger among our own. It is especially sad to hear this from a small, still growing generation. They do not yet know that knowing it, you can discover a new world for yourself. in the Russian language there are many words of synonyms, so making up poetry will not amount to any difficulty, choosing the right word will not change its meaning. It is very amusing to recognize new words, because a word meaning one object or sound action can be associated with absolutely another subject.

Having fallen in love with the language, he will open a lot of opportunities for you, I checked all this on my personal experience. After reading a large number of books, you no longer remember the rules, and freely write sentences without making any mistakes. That’s what it means – a rich Russian language. So it’s better to take care of your language from a young age.

Composition reasoning Russian language is unusually rich

6 class

We often hear the assertion that the Russian language is very rich. But is it? Let’s figure it out.

The first thing that shock any foreigner in language is the number of synonyms. For example, the word “beautiful” can be borrowed with words such as “stunning,” “beautiful,” “good,” “beautiful,” “attractive,” or “delightful.” It is unlikely that there will be a word to which you can not find a suitable replacement. This, of course, speaks of the splendor and diversity of the Russian language.

Also, unlike, for example, from English, in Russian there is no correct construction of interrogative sentences. That is, you can use only intonation in the construction of the question. Transferring a punctuation mark, using a variety of suffixes and prefixes, changing the order of words can also coordinate the meaning of the sentence. The number of means of expressiveness is also striking. When reading any work, there are many epithets, personifications and metaphors.

Do not forget that the average person uses only one-fifth of the words of the entire language. This, in turn, also speaks of its vastness and immensity.

In conclusion, I would like to say that such a rich and amazing language is necessary not only to protect, but also to be able to use it. To do this, use as few foreign words as possible and, of course, read classical literature to replenish the vocabulary.

Composition number 3 Russian language is unusually (unusually) rich composition-reasoning

What can be more valuable, more valuable and more vulnerable than our native language; language in which we speak? Our Russian language. There are a lot of countries, nations, languages, people on the Light. But I speak Russian, I write on it, I think, because I’m a Russian person. Russian language is considered to be one of the most beautiful, melodic, refined and musical languages ​​in the world. No wonder such great writers, poets, musicians, as Pushkin, Blok, Tchaikovsky, wrote their works in Russian. And what wonderful poems were presented to us by the great poetesses: Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Teffi and many others.

You just remember how many great writers wrote in Russian: Lermontov, Bulgakov, Bunin, Solzhenitsyn, Pelevin, Kuprin, Pasternak. But what about Lomonosov with his great theory of the three calm? This theory laid the foundation for the division of our language according to ranks; divided it into low, medium and high style. The language has become even more diverse and unique from this. Due to its versatility, the Russian language always remains unique, makes the speech of the person expressive and eloquent.

The Russian language is our gift, a gift, and the creation of the Most High. The Russian language is so different, it can be spoken by both an intelligent and ordinary peasant from the people, and from this the language will not become paler, but on the contrary it will sparkle with all the hypostases of its greatness. For me, the most beautiful language in the world is the Russian language.

More than 145 million people on earth consider the Russian language their native languages. Also Russian is the state language in Russia and in several countries of the former USSR. They are also spoken in Russian outside our country; He is taught in foreign universities: in America, Great Britain. France, Germany, Luxembourg. In Russian, interethnic treaties are concluded, international meetings are held. Many students from other countries try to visit our country to hear such a native and beautiful Russian language. As one great person once said, I paraphrase “there are many languages ​​in the world, they are all created for different things, and Russian is created for life and reflection.” I do not argue all languages ​​deserve respect. But most of all, every person should love and respect their native language, the language in which he speaks at birth,

And how can we not be proud of our native language after that? We should be proud of him. It is our direct duty and honor. I am proud that I speak and write in Russian. I believe that every citizen of our country should appreciate and love his native language; Do not pollute it with foreign words, ugly turns and dialects; incorrect phonetics. Watch your speech, treat the language with respect and care. To speak clearly, brightly, subtly, as it allows us to do Russian. Love your language – it’s our great Russian. The task of us, people speaking in Russian, is to preserve and multiply the beauty of the Russian language for future generations. This is our goal for many years and centuries ahead.

The Russian language is rich and picturesque. He is mighty and picturesque.

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Composition on the topic “Wealth of the Russian Language”