“Wealth of the Russian Language”

Many people do not even think that their language is considered the richest. Why Russian? The answer is very simple, the Russian language is the only language in the world, words in which can be replenished again and again. Out of many expressions and invented words, our language and our culture are replenished, because much of what was popular with our grandparents goes into our conversational vocabulary, and our grandchildren will also speak with our phrases.

The Russian language is very complicated, but it does not make it less attractive. Many writers said that in Russian you can conduct any conversation: recognition of love, communication with the enemy, friendly conversation, because it is he who can convey all feelings and emotions, better than any other language. The main thing is to learn to be a literate person, you should not shout to the whole world, that it is too complicated and that you have invented too many stupid rules.

It should be remembered that the

language in which we speak is the gift of our ancestors and not the teaching of the language – it is equivalent to forget about our relatives, not to accept their culture, to become a stranger among our own. It is especially sad to hear this from a small, still growing generation. They do not yet know that knowing it, you can discover a new world for yourself. in the Russian language there are many words of synonyms, so making up poetry will not amount to any difficulty, choosing the right word will not change its meaning. It is very amusing to recognize new words, because a word meaning one object or sound action can be associated with absolutely another subject.

Having fallen in love with the language, he will open a lot of opportunities for you, I checked all this on my personal experience. After reading a large number of books, you no longer remember the rules, and freely write sentences without making any mistakes. That’s what it means – a rich Russian language. So it’s better to take care of your language from a young age.

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“Wealth of the Russian Language”