“My favorite Russian language”

Among the great number of subjects that the student has to comprehend, the Russian language stands out in particular, because this subject, like no other, is able to inspire a person with a sense of beauty, to supremely fill it with knowledge and pride in the beauty and authenticity of native speech.

Studying the Russian language, we are becoming much richer in many respects. We begin to understand extremely subtle nuances and shades, we get an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of the greatest masters of the word.

The subject of the Russian language gives such a precious gift as literacy, and true literacy elevates a person to a completely different level, because it is based on real education and, as a consequence, the success of future work and career growth. Literacy is extremely important for a deep understanding of any text, whether it is a work of art that gives a person a harmonious break from everyday life, a legislative or financial document, from the correct understanding of which success and prosperity in any profession often depend.

The study of the Russian language aims not only to instill knowledge of spelling and syntax, but also vocabulary, language stylistics, which will enable later with full knowledge to enjoy good literature.

The subject of the Russian language is only the beginning, the first step on the way to further, independent study of the great language, which man has to throughout his life. Feeling the taste of the Russian language, its amazing accuracy and the world-wide diversity, it is no longer possible to keep only within the school curriculum. These lessons give impetus to future successes, comprehension of the new secrets of the Russian language, which, as is known, is enough to ensure that the occupation is never boring.

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“My favorite Russian language”