Russian language in the modern world

Today I am one of the 170 million people who consider the Russian language native. I’m proud of this, because Russian is a great world language. Russian belongs to the languages ​​of interethnic communication, it is one of the ten most common languages ​​on the planet. This is the state language of the largest state in the world in the world – Russia, as well as the second state in Belarus. Russian is the working language of the United Nations.

In the modern world, another 110 million people speak Russian, for whom it is not native. There are dozens of countries in the world where Russian is taught in schools and universities. This is especially common in the countries of the former USSR, because Russian was the main language in the Union. For example, half of the Ukrainian population speaks Russian, and in a number of regions it is recognized as a regional one.

Why is the Russian language so common? First, the borders of the Russian Empire, and then

the USSR, were very wide. The Russians rendered, and exert a great political, economic and cultural influence on other peoples.

Not all people like the spread of the Russian language in the countries of the former USSR. Some politicians seek to displace him and argue that he oppresses national languages. But people still communicate in Russian, read Russian-language newspapers and books. The significance of the Russian language can not be eliminated by artificial methods.

The second reason that the Russian is widespread in the world is that in Europe, in the USA, in Canada there are many emigrants from Russia. And Russians like to travel the world and communicate with people. I heard that in some American or Israeli cities all the sellers know Russian: they have Russian-speaking customers. Learn Russian Arabs and Turks: to them the Russians come to rest.

The third reason for the importance of the Russian language in the world is literature. Russian literature is one of the greatest in the world culture. The names of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov and other great writers are known in remote corners of

the planet. Germans, Frenchmen, Spaniards study Russian at universities to read the works of these authors in the original.

Now the world among the languages ​​of interethnic communication is leading English. English words penetrate even into Russian, often clogging it. But I believe that all this is relative.

First, now a whole army of translators is working, translating from Russian into English: Russian culture influences the English language too. Secondly, once there was a fashion: everyone spoke French. Then the fashion changed, and people rushed to something new. A great and rich Russian language, Russian culture live in the centuries.

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Russian language in the modern world