The Importance of the Russian Language in the Modern World

As you know, our mother tongue is the most difficult language of the world. It contains many rules, vocabulary, grammar, stylistics.

Russia is the biggest country in the world. There are many nationalities and peoples in it, who have their own native language, passing from generation to generation. Russian is helping to understand each other. After all, it is the main thing in our country.

Our native language is very beautiful! How would we live without amazing writers and their works, it’s hard to imagine. Only in Russian there are so many adjectives, thanks to which you can describe both beautiful and not so; to convey the mood of the heroes; weather and much more.

The Russian language is very rich. The main thing is the ability to express your thoughts, assumptions, feelings, both on paper and verbally, clearly and clearly.

Nowadays, the Russian language is on the fourth place in the world. It is studied in various countries of the world.

However, in our days in the Russian language there is a lot of profanity. The Russian language is distorted, pronunciation becomes incorrect. Therefore, different types of dictionaries were created: spelling, explanatory, orthoepic, and many others. Thanks to them, you can learn how to speak, speak correctly, and write words.

And the modern generation should take care of their language, do not distort words and study our great and mighty Russian language all their lives.

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The Importance of the Russian Language in the Modern World