The problem of clogging of the Russian language

In the novel T. Tolstoy “Kys” people have spoiled the Russian language so much that it does not recognize the former melodiousness, they “throw” in words, while uttering them completely wrong. After reading these books, you want to protect and protect our language from jargon and slang.

I believe that the use of foreign words in their native language is justified only if there is no equivalent. With the clogging of the Russian language, many of our writers fought by borrowing. M. Gorky pointed out: “It is difficult for our reader to insert foreign words into the Russian phrase, There is no point in writing concentration when we have our good word” condensation “.

Admiral A. S. Shishkov, who for some time held the post of Minister of Education, suggested replacing the word fountain with a clumsy synonym? water cannon. Exercising himself in word-making, he invented replacements of borrowed words: he proposed to say, instead of alley

– prosyad, billiards?? a ball, a cue replaced the ball with a ball, and called the library a scribe. To replace the word he did not like galoshes he came up with something else?? mokrostupy. Such care for the purity of the language can not cause anything other than the laughter and annoyance of contemporaries.

If you do not use the riches of the Russian language you can become like Ellochka Schukin from the work “Twelve Chairs” by I. Ilf and E. Petrov. She dispensed with thirty words.

Remember the spiritual testament of IS Turgenev. “Take care of our language, our beautiful Russian language, this treasure, this is the property conveyed to us by our predecessors.”

“Language is the history of the people, language is the way of civilization and culture, so studying and saving the Russian language is not an idle occupation, but there is nothing to do but an urgent necessity.” – A. Kuprin

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The problem of clogging of the Russian language