The power of money in the modern world

Each of us would like to receive a certain material independence and social status. And in this, in the end, there is nothing wrong: what’s wrong with a person’s desire to provide a comfortable existence for himself and his family? But the question is not only in his desire to have money, but in what place this desire takes among other human needs and aspirations. Or there is no imbalance between the material and spiritual needs of a person, or does man sometimes think that material security is the main and single guarantee of happiness? Many of us should from time to time ask ourselves these questions, if only not to lose the inherent in us, not to betray eternal values, circling in the vortex of modern life.

Reading the works of Ukrainian literature, I once again make sure that their relevance is not subject to time. Thus, the problem of the dialectic of the material and spiritual, the problem of human degradation, the problem of the power of money over man, has

been raised by many writers in the history of Ukrainian and world literature. This is one of the eternal themes that can not be left without the attention of artists.

And, unfortunately, it does not come out of the writers’ field of view mainly because this problem does not disappear from human life. Every historical time solves the problem of money in different ways. The ascetics of old times, usurers, honest workers, needy peasants, rulers and gentlemen are not just characters of history and books, but whole layers of the population, the types of people who made their choice. And this choice was dictated not only by their internal meditations, but by education, belonging to a particular social stratum.

Now the distinction between the layers of the population has worn off: there is no such thing as a nobleman, a peasant, a worker; in questionnaires, they should already be indicated “born in a peasant family,” since it does not matter. Every person is open to the road, depending on his diligence and talents. So, only education and his inner beliefs influence the person? Unfortunately, it is

not society that shapes each of us, I think, by a much larger measure than we can imagine. Television programs, the behavior of public figures, films and contemporary art have a great influence on the consciousness of children and even adults, forming certain ideals, creating a modern hierarchy of values.

Who is the ideal for modern man? Probably, “stars”. Teenagers are interested in their lives (at times even excessively), try to look like their pets. And perception often deceives people: broadcasting programs about the life of stars, do they tell us about their thoughts, about their character? These people, tired of constant attention to themselves, try to leave something untouched, intimate in their life. So the gusts of their souls are almost one thing that can be hidden from cameras. But this does not mean that they do not exist. It seems to ordinary viewers that “real life” is a complete party and entertainment and, of course, wealth. So our media, in one way or another, themselves form ideals. And the person believes that having received a multi-million dollar account in a bank, he will become happy (forgetting,

And there are still many people who believe that everything can be bought for money. Contrary to the efforts to overcome corruption in our country, it still exists. And often this is due not only to the dishonesty of people, but also to the eternal “so do everything.”

It seems to me that the problem of money power does not disappear because no one thinks about the fact that money will not make a person happy.

“Probably, I’m unhappy because money is not enough…” – thinks a man brought up by the present and rushes forward to the unattainable “the happiness of the rich.” Why does a little one come to the idea that the banal expression “not in the money of happiness” is really not just empty words…

Probably, once people will not disappear, the whole meaning of life is concentrated in money, but it is very important to make sure that these people become fewer. Just as fashion changes clothes, you can change the fashion for wealth, bribes, dishonesty… And establish fashion for spirituality, sincerity in relationships, harmony in society. It seems to me that the public thought of the “majority” is formed and changes much easier than we might think. So let’s start with ourselves, with our children and loved ones. Perhaps then, works in which characters like Gerasim Moshny are depicted remain in the treasury of world literature, lose their urgent urgency, and society will become healthier spiritually, purer and happier.

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The power of money in the modern world