About the dog

Everyone knows that a dog is a friend of a person. She is devoted to a person and can even sacrifice her life for him! Already, probably, no one remembers the moment when the dog became a pet. It seems that this has always been so.

A dog is not just a friend – it is an assistant in various matters. For example, recently I saw on the Internet pictures where the dog holds a detailed newspaper of the owner, who at this time eats and simultaneously reads. But she is sitting, and her face serves as a kind of shelf for washed laundry, which is put by the owner in the closet. She can be a great companion for a lonely person!

The dog often serves as a guide for the blind. She helps the police find criminals on the left track. And at the customs – it’s an excellent smuggler! A specially trained dog will detect drugs and even weapons. The dog is faithfully serving with border guards, guarding its state. It protects various premises and objects of special purpose. A dog can also help in the war. She will take the wounded and can even deliver the goods.

Still there are sled dogs. They are most common on the server. For example, such a breed as a Samoyed dog. This is an amazing animal of completely white color and fine wool, which is used to make medical belts on the back for a person. This name of the breed is surprising. But you need to know that she does not eat herself. It was just the name of the tribe of people who were breeding them. Although they also did not eat themselves. In general, it is believed that in this breed of dogs there is no gene of aggression, so they can not even wear a strict collar, so that the dog does not shut itself up. This is a true friend and helper for any family or single person. And yet, she barked so sonorous that she could wake up the whole neighborhood! Therefore, the best guard should also be looked for.

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About the dog