The Magic Tale of Your Own Composition

There was a girl, her name was Masha. She studied well at school, listened to her mother and tried to help her around the house.

One day, Masha went home from school and saw how neighborly boys offended the puppy: they shoot at him from a slingshot and throw stones. The puppy was all dirty and thin, no one would want to take this to himself. But the girl felt sorry for him. She approached the boys and resolutely stated:

– Come on, leave him alone! Or else I’ll call my neighbor Uncle Misha, he’ll pepper you with the first number!

The boys exchanged glances, shrugged their shoulders and left. Uncle Misha was well known in the yard and did not want to contact him. Masha turned to the puppy, he was sitting on the ground and looking at the girl. She began to remember that she had some food in her bag, rummaged around and found a steering-wheel. The girl gave the wheel a puppy, and he instantly ate it. Then she went home, did homework, supped and went

to bed. And the next morning I found three candies on my windowsill. Masha was very surprised. She asked my mother, but she replied that she did not know where they came from.

Then she went to school. And when I went home, I met a dirty puppy again. She wanted to treat him to something, but in the bag was only the last of the three sweets. And the girl, without hesitation, gave her to the puppy. Although the sweets were very tasty, she knew that hardly anyone else would treat him, so she did not regret the last candy. When she came home, she told her mother and began to persuade her to take the puppy to them. Mom at first was against and Masha had to promise to take care of him and walk. Then my mother agreed. The girl joyfully jumped out into the street, but there was already no one there. Masha looked around, waited, but still, after a few minutes left. And because of the bushes for her watching a puppy and offending him boys. Their faces and figures suddenly began to change and they all turned into gray-haired old men. The one,

“You see, I said that there is charity in modern youth, and you did not believe it. Drive the nickle, you argued.

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The Magic Tale of Your Own Composition