We are responsible for those who have tamed us

From the very earliest times we, people, have tamed wild animals, for a long time near a man lived cats and dogs. So it was many centuries ago, when a man perceived himself as a part of nature. Today, the conditions of our lives have changed greatly, but despite all the achievements of science and technology, animals still need us.

And it’s not even that no modern invention can replace the excellent sense of smell of a dog. Just our smaller brothers still remain the best friends of man, his faithful companions.

Home pets appear in people’s apartments just to bring a bit of joy into human habitation. Most townspeople have dogs or cats. These cute animals are so strongly attached to their master that their faithfulness and love sometimes become an example for people. True, we are not always in a hurry to imitate our lesser brothers. And even, on the contrary, for fidelity and sincere love we pay cruel betrayal to our pets. Such cases are not uncommon.


owners start a kitten or a puppy at the request of the child or simply out of boredom. They do this without thinking that keeping a grown-up pet will be rather troublesome. Faced with problems, the owners decide to simply get rid of the animal. They take a dog or a cat out into the forest outside the city limits or throw them directly into the city street. Hungry, skinny, sick and exhausted homeless animals are a habitual addition to a street landscape in any city.

Those who have ever looked into the eyes of a stray dog ​​know well what kind they are, smart and sad. Dogs seem to understand that they suffer innocently, but they obediently accept their fate, because their master has so decided. The one who tamed them with small puppies for the sake of entertainment.

“We are responsible for those who have tamed,” – said the famous Little Prince. In this famous phrase throughout the world is the whole essence of human humanism. We should always remember those living beings who were forced to believe in our love, and never disappoint them. Only such a high degree of consciousness and responsibility is the main measure of humanity.

People, do not offend our smaller brothers! After all, they believe in our kindness.

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We are responsible for those who have tamed us