As we once walked with a dog

I like to walk with my dog ​​Dina. Once with us, there was such a story. I, as usual, put a leash and muzzle on Dean and led him to the street.

Dina rejoiced and jumped like a little puppy, and she’s already an adult shepherd, so I barely held the leash in my hands.

– Dina, calm down! Now, now… – I tried to calm my dog, but it’s useless – waiting for the walk excited her in earnest.

Finally we left the entrance. And then something terrible happened! Dina saw the neighbor’s cat Sailor. This is the main enemy of our sheepdog.

And the dog broke free from my hands! I screamed, gave the command, but it was already late the dog did not hear me, she only saw a teasing fluffy tail in front of her nose and tried to catch up with Sailor.

For half an hour I ran after the dog until the Sailor disappeared into the cellar vent. Only then, I, dirty, tired and angry, caught the lead of Dina. She was, unlike me, incredibly pleased, although also dirty. It was, probably, an unforgettable day in the life of my dog! Yes, and for me. Here it was a walk!

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As we once walked with a dog