Four-legged friends of man

You always want to talk about animals with tenderness and affection. S. Yesenin wrote about them very poetically:

And the beast, like our smaller brothers,
Never hit on the head.

In general, Esenin’s poems are very lyrical and tender about these brothers, especially dogs.

I really loved our dog. And not only me. Everyone loved her in our family. They called her, like the dog Kachalov, to whom the great Russian poet dedicated a beautiful poem, Jim. What a smart and cheerful Airedale it was. How he was happy to return home to each of us! He understood that on Saturday we would go to the dacha, where he would run in plenty, swim in the pond, chase the neighboring hens and cats. And on a Sunday evening, seeing the starting charges, he was the first to take a place in the car, as if he were afraid that he would be forgotten at the dacha. And how he loved to eat! And how I did not like to get my hair cut! For two years now, there has not been our Airedale,

and we all do not dare to make a new one.

I was fond of reading the beautiful soul story of G. Troepolsky “White Bim Black Ear”. How many tears I shed over her pages!

Now I will tell a story that was once read in the calendar. It was a story about the most faithful and devoted dog in the world.

In a small Italian city there is a monument to a dog, which is considered the most devoted. That’s what happened in this town during the Second World War. The young puppy accompanied his master every morning to the bus stop, and then met him there in the evening. Once the master did not return. The dog waited a bit and went home sadly. The next day he again met the bus, which brought workers from the factory. The master was not there. Days went by, month after month, year after year, and the dog every day unsuccessfully waited for the return of the owner, who died during the bombing of the plant where he worked. The dog grew old, but waited and hoped. This went on for 15 years! From day to day! Already all the inhabitants of the town knew about the dog that is waiting… But one day, getting

out of the bus, the passengers did not see the dog. They realized that she was no more.

There are many monuments to dogs in the world: to Pavlov’s dog for his services to science, and for the St. Bernard who finds people under snow avalanches, sanitary dogs rescued wounded on the battlefields, and guides of the blind, and border dogs carrying hard work. Now dogs are doing another very important thing: they help to find caches with drugs and explosives.

But, I think, after all, the main dog’s purpose on earth is to be a faithful friend of man. A long-standing, centuries-old friendship connects man and dog. Their feelings are mutual. It’s a pity that the dog’s eyelids are much shorter than the human’s.

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Four-legged friends of man