Summary of “Kid and Carlson” Lindgren

The events of the old and kind fairy tale unfold in the Swedish city where the boy Malysh lives. He has a mom with a dad, a brother with a sister. But he often feels lonely, as everyone in the family is busy with his own worries. The kid is bored. He is refused a request to buy him a puppy. And he so wanted to have a friend!

And suddenly on the horizon there is Carlson! He, on acquaintance, calls himself “a man in full force dawn.” We see a small, “moderately well-fed” person, somewhat bold and boastful, but quite charming. From the first moments the reader has a liking for him that does not disappear throughout the narrative. Merry Carlson becomes a loyal friend of the Baby. He loves to play pranks and naughty, but always comes to the aid of his friend Kid. What pranks they do not come up with! The Kid becomes a guest in Carlson’s house, which is on the roof of the house. For fun, they even decide to teach Phil and Roulet a lesson – petty thieves

who entered the attic of the house. Parents of Toddler doubt the truthfulness of the story about Carlson, who lives on the roof. And to somehow fill in the insufficient attention to the son, give him a puppy on his birthday. Joy of the baby there is no limit!

Freken Bock is a grumpy housekeeper, whom the parents hired to look after the Kid for the duration of their long trip. The smart Carlson manages to carry buns under her nose. Uncle Julius comes to visit the Kid. So it turns out that he becomes the spouse of Freken Bock. Carlson lights up the idea of ​​attending the wedding as an honored guest!

An adult Carlson in a fairy tale has many childhood habits that cause laughter. He just shines with wit. A Kid shows the ability to analyze their actions, arguing about the bad and good sides of actions.

The tale “The Kid and Carlson” is simply full of kindness, sharp humor, funny jokes and statements, which are often quoted in our life. The reader of children’s age will be inexpressibly happy to plunge into the atmosphere of this tale, full of kindness and light humor.

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Summary of “Kid and Carlson” Lindgren