“Three friends” of Serafimovich in brief summary

Seven-year-old Vanya is helping her mother: she drives pigs in the yard, beats them with twigs. Then Vannyka runs to the stables to his father, watches him lubricate the cart wheels. “Vanyanka wanted to do everything that adults do, but not enough strength.” The boy decided to attach a collar himself to the horse, but he himself was hooked by the helmet and hung under the horse’s neck. His father gave him a slap. Vanyatka drove the calves to the mountain to graze.

It’s time to mow. Mother leaves Vanya to look after her two-year-old sister Nyurka. The boy, leaving his sister, ran off to the mowing, but after a moment’s thought, he did not show up to the adults, as he knew that he would be punished for leaving his sister unattended. He ran back past the three mounds. Then he saw the rabbit fend off the kite. Vanyka rescues a bunny with a gnawed eye.

“Vanya, carefully holding it, carried it back:

-Ah, you are sour! .. My dear…

poor… Look, damn, how he you! .. “

Zaychishka began to live under the barn in the burrow. During a terrible thunderstorm Vanyatka got scared and ran out into the street. There he found an abandoned puppy. “Immediately passed the fear, a sense of abandonment, loneliness.”

The puppy and the hare made friends, began to play together, slept together in the bag.

One night thieves crept into the yard. The puppy screeched, and the hare drummed its paws through the window. Vanya’s father woke up and grabbed his gun: the thieves and the trail were cold.

So animals have grown fond and animals. They gave the nicknames: a puppy – a bully, a hare – One-eyed.

Vanyanka did not part with them. “Wherever he went, the shaggy, smoky Bully fought ahead, and behind him One-Eyes would make two or three leaps, become a column and lead ears…”

In the autumn Vanyanka wanted to go to the school, like all his comrades, but his father said that it was too early for him.

The boy himself in the rain ran to school. He put on his father’s

boots and threw a bag of rain. Since the boots were great for him and drowned in the mud, Vanyka had to pull them by the bootleg and with her hands to rearrange her legs.

The Bully and One-Eyes followed him. Vanyka began to drive them home.

When Vanya was sitting at the lesson, everyone noticed that a hare and a dog were looking out the window. Teacher said that this is not good.

On their return, Zabiyaka and One-Eye met Vanyanka on the road.

In the spring the rabbit ran away into the forest, Zabiyaka began to guard the yard.

Vanyatka worked in the yard indefinitely in the summer, and in the winter he ran to school in his father’s felt boots.

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“Three friends” of Serafimovich in brief summary