First Hunt

I’m tired of Puppy chasing chickens in the yard. “I’ll go,” he thinks, “to hunt for wild animals and birds.” He dived into the gate and ran across the meadow. Saw his wild animals, birds and insects and think each to himself. Bittern thinks: “I will deceive him!” Udod thinks: “I will surprise him!” Vertisheyka thinks: “I’ll scare him!” The lizard thinks: “I’ll turn it off!” Caterpillars, butterflies, grasshoppers think: “We will hide from him!” “And I’ll drive him away!” thinks the Beetle Bomber. “We are all able to stand up for ourselves, each in his own way!” they think to themselves. And the Puppy has already run to the lake and sees: standing by the reeds Drink on one leg to the knee in the water. “I’ll catch her now!” – thinks Puppy and very much ready to jump on her back. A Bittern glanced at him and stepped into the reeds.

The wind on the lake runs, the reed shakes. The reeds swing back and forth, back and forth.

The puppy before his eyes the yellow and brown stripes swing back and forth, back and forth. A bittern stands in the reeds, stretched out – thin-thin, and all in yellow and brown stripes is painted. It is worth, swinging back and forth, back and forth. The puppy’s eyes bulged, looked, looked – does not see Drink in the kaymish. “Well,” he thinks, “I’ve been deceived by Bitterness, do not jump into an empty reed, I’ll go and catch another bird.” He ran out onto a hillock, looks: he is sitting on the ground Udod, he plays with a hawk – then he turns it around, he folds it. “Now I’m going to jump on him with a hillock!” thinks the Puppy. Udod landed on the ground, his wings flattened, his tail opened, and raised his beak. Looks Puppy: there is no bird, but a patchwork flap lies on the ground and a needle is sticking out of it. The puppy was surprised: “Where did Udod go, did I take this colorful cloth for him? I’ll soon catch a small


Rushed to her, and Vertisheyka yurk in the hollow. “Aha,” the puppy thinks. He rose to his hind legs, looked into the hollow, and in the black hollow the black snake twisted and terribly hissed. The puppy recoiled, lifted his hair on end and ran. In Vartishshchyka he hissed after him from the hollow, his head twisted, a strip of black feathers wriggled along the back of her snake. “Oh, I scared you like that! I barely took my feet, I will not hunt any more birds.” I’ll catch the Lizard better. ” The lizard sat on a rock, closed its eyes, basked in the sun. Quietly the Puppy crept up to her, – jump! – and grabbed the tail.

And the Lizard twisted, the tail in his teeth left him, herself – under the stone! The tail in the teeth of the Puppy is wriggling. The puppy snorted, threw his tail – and behind her. But where there! Lizard for a long time under the stone sits, a new tail grows to itself. “Well,” the Puppy thinks, “if the Lizard and that one have turned away from me, I’ll catch at least some insects.” I looked around, and on the ground the beetles are running around, grasshoppers are jumping in the grass, caterpillars creep along the branches, butterflies fly through the air. The puppy rushed to catch them, and all of a sudden – it became a circle, like a mysterious picture, everything is here, but nobody is visible – everyone hid.

Green grasshoppers hid in the green grass. Caterpillars on the branchlets stretched out and froze, – they can not be distinguished from knots. The butterflies sat down on the trees, folded their wings, you can not tell where the bark is, where the leaves are, where the butterflies are. One tiny Beetle-Bombardier goes to the ground, does not hide anywhere. The Puppy caught up with him, he wanted to grab, and the Beetle-Bombardier stopped, but like a finger in it with a flying caustic trickle – he got into the nose! The puppy shrieked, the tail tightened, turned – yes through the meadow, and into the gateway. I hid in jumping and my nose is afraid to stick out. And the animals, birds and insects – all again for their work began.

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First Hunt