Composition on the problem of choice

During his life, every person regularly faces the need to make a certain choice. This happens with young children, and with mature people and even with older people. Making decisions and making choices, each person brings his future closer and creates his image. That is why it is so important not to make a mistake with choosing your own way of life, to prepare yourself beforehand for this choice and at the right time to do it, and then not to regret it.

Speaking about me personally, I can say that my main choice at the moment is the choice of profession. But I still have not decided what choice this will be. I spend a lot of time every day thinking about where I can best apply my skills and knowledge, which profession suits me best, and how I will have to learn to become a real professional in a certain field. I realize that every profession requires not only talent and the initial inclination, but also the large amount of labor that is invested in it. Mentally, I am ready to

work and do everything to make my choice justified. Now it remains only to finally decide what will be the choice.

When choosing a life path, it is extremely important to soberly assess their capabilities. For example, it is unlikely that a person who sings well should change himself and engage in some “serious business”, be it jurisprudence, economics or banking. Any profession is good in its own way, even if you are good at some seemingly trifle, you need to develop it, rather than strive to learn more difficult but profitable professions. This is the responsibility to yourself and your destiny. The responsible person will never decide to engage in something profitable instead of the occupation that brings her joy or even pleasure.

But the life path of a person is not only the choice of a profession. It is also the choice of a way of life, a life partner, even a choice of habits. Of course, there is no unequivocal advice for these elections and can not be. I think that to be happy, you need to be able to find a balance between what a person wants and what is really needed and useful. If this balance is found, any choice will be correct.

Personally, I’m not yet ready for the final choice of life path, but I already feel that soon such a willingness will appear. At the same time, I am ready to correlate and compare my desires and opportunities, to seek and find a balance between what is right and what I want, so that my choice is thoughtful, correct and, of course, wise.

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Composition on the problem of choice