My professional choice

Choosing a profession is a big responsibility, which is very important to realize as soon as possible. I know many examples of how people who have a diploma in any specialty for a lifetime are engaged in a completely different matter. Of course, each circumstance can develop in different ways. An error in the choice of a profession can lead to the fact that, when not doing their own thing, a person is burdened by it, does a poor job of coping with his work and his character is corrupted. Conversely, the happiest people, these are those who enjoy their work, they all work out well and this contributes to success and career growth.

Of course, it is difficult to guess for 30 years ahead, because many things can change over the years, and many professions that people had 30 years ago do not exist anymore, thanks to the development of technology. And yet, in order not to regret later, we must try to understand ourselves and learn as much as possible about different professions. This

project will be my first attempt in this direction.

I like many professions: designer, architect, philologist, linguist. But I chose three professions: a doctor, a biology teacher or a psychologist. In all these professions, one way or another, the subject of interest, service, transformation are social systems, population groups, people of different ages. They presuppose studies and further work in large cities, which will require great sacrifice and purposefulness. It’s good that I have two more years left, and I do not have to make a decision tomorrow. Professional orientation is the rendering of assistance to a person in professional self-determination, that is, in the choice of a profession that best meets the individual characteristics, inclinations and abilities of a person, a profession that corresponds to the needs and capabilities of a person to the labor market.

Comparing their individual characteristics and requirements for professional activity, I came to the conclusion that I have the qualities to master all three professions. So, the choice of an educational institution and practical problems come to the fore. In the next two years, with the successful study and favorable financial condition of the family, I will be able to change my professional plans.

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My professional choice