The problem of choice in the novel by O. de Balzac “Father Gorio”

A faithful leader is a heart.

O. de Balzac. Father Gorio

Probably, there is not a single literary work where the problem of choice with which we so often face in everyday life is not touched upon. Different paths are chosen for themselves by the heroes of the novel Honore de Balzac “Father Gorio”, but we are witnessing that once made a wrong choice can not only destroy a person’s life, but also bring a lot of grief and unhappiness to others.

At a time when capital rules the world, not many roads stretched before the person: wealth or virtue, power or independence from the environment.

For example, Father Gorio, unselfishly loving his daughters and suffering for his love. Can it be called the standard of parental love? Probably not. Gorio himself is to blame for the tragedy of his life, because, satisfying any whims and whims of daughters, he received real pleasure from it, but did nothing to develop their inner spiritual qualities: the ability

to love, the ability to be grateful, merciful, empathy. And the girls grew soulless egoists, sucked money, health, life from their father and left him to die for the poor and lonely. They in life also made their choice, encouraged by many of their contemporaries – the desire for nobility and wealth.

They both married those who had a name and money, but this did not bring them happiness, because the families had no confidence, no warmth, no mutual understanding.

Мы видим, что достичь успеха и признания в высшем свете того времени невозможно, не принимая его жестоких законов, повелевающих льстить, лицемерить, скрывать свои искренние мысли и чувства. Однако и здесь можно сохранить чувство собственного достоинства, честность перед собой, обаяние, но для этого нужно быть очень сильным и уверенным в себе человеком

– таким, как госпожа де Босеан. Но возможен и такой путь, когда вступивший на него может получить и деньги, и власть, отказавшись при этом от всех моральных норм и нравственных принципов, которые возвышают личность, делают человека человеком. Такую дорогу зла, порока и беспощадности к окружающим выбрал Вотрен.

In the strict framework of choice, Eugene Rastignac also came to Paris to study in the province, where people are cleaner, kinder, more humane than in the city. Eugene saw that in the real world laws are more cruel than he imagined, and that to achieve wealth in Paris, to make a career much easier and faster dishonest methods. But the young man decided to outwit fate, stepping on two roads, starting from one point: maintaining inner purity and unsullied conscience and speedy achievement of luxury and recognition in high society. But these roads diverge, so after a hard heartfelt struggle Rastignac still have to decide in his choice. And, it seems to me, he will choose not study and work, but social life.

Life is arranged in such a way that every second, wishing it or not, a person makes a choice: active actions or inaction, loud words or quiet thoughts, determination or fear of consequences. And our future depends only on how we act right now, whether we will be honest with ourselves or swim with the current carrying into the abyss.

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The problem of choice in the novel by O. de Balzac “Father Gorio”