The Painting by Korovin “Portrait of Tatyana Lyubatovich”

The picture of Korovin depicts a sweet and amazing girl. She is very beautiful and interesting. Her wide-open eyes, as if screaming about love for all life, for music and books. Quite large features, not at all spoil the girl, but on the contrary, make her special and stand out from the crowd. Chestnut naughty hair, laid in a tight bundle, and neatly shaved bangs, frames the face of a young coquette.

The artist painted her sitting on the windowsill. It feels like he caught her off guard. In the hands of the girl’s favorite book. Judging by the way she squeezes her in her hands – this thing is very dear to her, and maybe, even, it’s someone’s gift.

The girl wears a soft pink dress, it perfectly emphasizes her porcelain skin and a beautiful blush on her face. And the dark bows sewn to it, in harmony with the weightless shoes.

Looking at this picture, you experience delight, tenderness and admiration. After all, it depicts the youth, freshness and beauty of an ordinary Russian girl very accurately.

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The Painting by Korovin “Portrait of Tatyana Lyubatovich”