The Painting by Bryullov “The Horsewoman”

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov is a world-famous artist, and many of his canvases are masterpieces. One of them is called “Horseman”. The artist created it when he lived for some time in Italy.

The painting depicts two sisters, pupils of Countess Yu. Samoilova. The eldest of them, Giovannina, occupies a central place on this canvas. Sitting on the hot horse, the young beautiful girl pulled the reins to stop him. She is well and gracefully held in the saddle. It can be seen that this is an experienced and quite brave horsewoman. The face of the girl is calm, a light glow on her cheeks. She must have just returned from a horse-riding trip. Giovannina is dressed with great taste. On it is an amazon of blue color, with a large and beautiful lace collar. On the curly head is a black hat, to which is attached a veil, which flutters from the jump.

The hot black horse is forced to stop submitting to its mistress. He rises stubbornly on his hind legs, snores and inflates his nostrils. Behind the rider and horse we see a dog of brown suits. She must have just been running fast, and now she can not catch her breath.

Hearing the approaching hoofbeats, a small, smartly dressed girl ran out onto the balcony of the rich house. This is Amacilia, the sister of a brave rider. She wears a pink dress and pants with lace. With childish spontaneity and curiosity, she clung to the railing and looked admiringly at her older sister. Probably, the girl was very happy about her arrival and is proud of her dexterity and beauty. In the big brown eyes the little ones are devotion and adoration. You can easily guess that she loves her sister and wants to imitate her in everything. Girls have a warm, trusting relationship with each other.

The composition of this picture is very dynamic. The impetuous movements of the sisters, the hot horse, the wind, the pumping trees – all this animates the canvas and makes it realistic and interesting.

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The Painting by Bryullov “The Horsewoman”