The Painting Belokovskaya “Portrait of a son”

An incredible number of masterpieces belong to the brush of the famous contemporary Russian artist Olga Belokovskaya. Became famous at the end of the 20th century, for several decades the artist has been creating in the Russian artistic field. Her paintings are known far beyond their homeland, they decorate the halls of many galleries, and also delight the eye of connoisseurs of painting and in private collections.

A multi-faceted artist, in the arsenal of which countless fascinating and enchanting pictures, is able to touch the secret strings of the soul. Her paintings do not get tired of admiring.

An amazing work of art “Portrait of a son” is one of the best works of the painter.

The picture shows a boy and a gray cat. The child timidly leaned on his side, his eyes lowered, and before him – an open book. We can only guess what he is reading about, perhaps about an exciting journey, or maybe something unexplored and mysterious. In any case, the

book carries him, he is interested. The boy seemed to be frozen in time, plunging into the fascinating world of reading. What is waiting for him on the next page, what will happen to the main characters.

The omitted look of the child brings back the warmest feelings, a sense of home comfort and warmth. At the same time, it seems that his eyelids are now closing, and he will plunge into the sweet world of sleep, where in his imagination there will come up amazing pictures read in the book.

With what love and tenderness the child artist depicts!

The boy is dressed in a red sweater, homemade pants and warm socks. We can judge that the action in the picture takes place in the cold or cool season. Certainly, behind a window a blizzard or vigorously vytantsovyvajut yellow leaves to music of an autumn breeze. At the same time, the house is warm and cozy.

A gray, fat plump cat is sleeping peacefully nearby, for sure, purring with pleasure and occasionally glancing at its young master. Around – silence and peace, which do not oppress, but only calm and pacify, and only from the window the echoes

of bad weather come.

From the picture it breathes with pacification and warmth. All the purest, lightest, most homely – here, in this masterpiece. Despite some frown of colors, gray and blue cold shades, the artist was able to convey the entire palette of home warmth and comfort.

And, in spite of the fact that the teenage character is the central character of the canvas, his portrait image, sometimes it would be desirable to name the painting “Home peace, silence and comfort”.

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The Painting Belokovskaya “Portrait of a son”