Painting by Arkhipov “Girl with a jug”

In her painting “Girl with a Jug” AE Arkhipov depicts a round-faced and ruddy Russian girl. It can hardly be said that the girl’s face is very beautiful, but it attracts her with her cheerfulness and youth.

The whole girl-peasant woman is dressed very brightly, as if on a holiday. The head of the girl is decorated with a painted red-green kerchief, neatly tied behind. There are pink round earrings on her ears. The hair is completely hidden under the kerchief, so you can not make out their color. On the plump neck of the girl hanging mottled beads. Fiery colors predominate throughout the image of the girl. This is a pink apron, and a jacket of orange color, and a red long skirt. These bright colors are very prominent on the gray background of the dark walls, which gives the painting a special color.

In one hand the girl holds a clay pitcher of brown color. Her hand is raised and tense, as if she’s about to pour a liquid out of it into a blue large mug that she holds on her lap. Her posture is slightly awkward, as if the girl asked someone to sit for a while on a chair. Behind the girl is a sunlit window.

Wide clothing hides the figure of the girl, but the neck and face are written very voluminously. Her cheeks are very ruddy, almost red. Her plump little nose is also a little pink. And his lips are spreading in a kind smile. Look sure and clean. This is how the Russian peasant woman introduced himself to the author, who became for him a symbol of faith in a bright future, strength and health.

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Painting by Arkhipov “Girl with a jug”