Painting by Serov “Portrait of Hirschman”

Artist Serov liked to paint portraits of famous people.
With the help of paints and a brush, he accurately depicted the mood and character of a person.
In his portraits one can accurately determine how the person depicted in the picture lived.
The picture “Portrait of Hirschman” is represented by a woman, whose appearance can be concluded that she, most likely, is the wife of a rich and famous person.

The portrait was written in the woman’s room.
She stands with her back to the dressing table, on which are various bottles.
The woman is slender, with a ruddy beautiful face, dark hair and eyebrows.
Her look is full of arrogance, and only from this view can you understand that the heroine belongs to the highest strata of society.
She looks down, as if showing her superiority.
Hirschman is dressed in an elegant dark suit, emphasizing her figure.

The white scarf is carelessly thrown over the shoulders, and the woman holds it with her left hand.
The hand lies as if a woman specially shows her precious rings on thin fingers.
With her right hand she leaned on the dressing table in a businesslike manner.
To the right of Hirschman there is a closet on which some dark things are lying, probably these are the expensive attire of the hostess.
On the chair, standing near the woman, there is something white and voluminous, most likely a luxurious ball dress.
Apparently, this room acts as a boudoir, where a woman tries on outfits, and prepares for the festive evenings.

If you look closely, you can see the working artist in the mirror of the dressing table.
Serov decided to paint himself at work.
Perhaps, the artist presents himself as such: serious and gloomy.
He managed to portray Hirschman so that only one glance and gesture of the left hand in the rings make it clear that this is a portrait of a wealthy and arrogant woman.

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Painting by Serov “Portrait of Hirschman”